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1.01 : Pilot (Parts 1 & 2) <credits>
The Walsh family down to Beverly Hills from Minnesota after a job transfer by father Jim Walsh. The two children, Brandon and Brenda, are twins (he older by 30 seconds) and start attending West Beverly High School; Brenda meets Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin and later get fake ID's to get into a club...When there, Brenda meets 25 year old lawyer Jason Cross - they kiss and becomes interested in her until he finds out that she is 16 years old; Brandon meets Steve Sanders, Andrea Zuckerman (the school paper editor) and Mary Anne Moore...After a 'Back to School Jam (no freshmen)' at Mary's House, Brandon apologizes to her after rumours of them having sex on a date start spreading - At the party, David Silver has to drive a drunken Steve home and ends up denting his car; Kelly tells her friends about her nose job; Brandon finds out that Andrea is living out-of-district and promises to keep it a secret.

1.02 : The Green Room <credits>
Brandon is assigned to write an editorial on being a transfer student, and later helps out a young student who is being bullied. He then joins Dylan surfing, and meets Sara (aka Surfer Betty). Later, Sara has an accident, and Brandon comes to her aid; Brenda gets upset with her two friends after she discovers that she was surfing drunk.

1.03 : Every Dream Has Its Price (Tag) <credits>
Brenda, Kelly, and new friend Tiffany go shopping for clothes; Brenda can't afford anything, Kelly puts her purchases on her credit card, and Tiffany does some shoplifting; On the second trip, Tiffany uses Brenda as a decoy in order to steal more clothes, and they are caught...Meanwhile, the Walshes request the services of a maid, and Brandon gets a job at The Peach Pit, after his first job at a fancy restaurant gets him exploited with a low wage.

1.04 : The First Time <credits>
Sheryl, a girlfriend of Brandon's up in Minnesota, surprises him by coming down to Beverly Hills; she gets to sleep in Brenda's room, but sneaks into Brandon's at night, and they make love; later, she becomes interested in Dylan, which upsets Brandon. Brenda develops a crush on one of the teachers, who asks her to babysit for her children; Kelly and Donna join her, and are caught looking through the teacher's photo album.

1.05 : One On One <credits>
Brandon decides to try out for the basketball team, but finds out that there is a lot of competition and Steve suspects that some students are brought into school from out of district for the sole purpose of winning games; Andrea looks into it for the Blaze, but most of the allegations turn out to be false. Brenda continues with drivers training, but fails twice, and then loses Brandon's car when trying to rescue Kelly from a date.

1.06 : Higher Education <credits>
Steve gets an 'A' in history, which leads Brandon to study with him; there, he finds out that Steve has been stealing exam papers, and is unsure whether or not to use them...his friendship with Andrea is torn when she catches him cheating. Brenda tries dying her hair after Dylan states his preference for blondes, but she comes out with orange streaks.

1.07 : Perfect Mom <credits>
The 15th Annual West Beverly High Fashion Show is on and the gang all get ready...Andrea goes with Cindy, and David gets a kiss from Kelly after he gives her the tape of the show; Brenda meets Kelly's mum, Jackie Taylor and thinks she is cool over her own mother, Cindy; Brandon helps Jim set up his new keyboard; Kelly gets upset that her mum ruins the fashion show after taking cocaine and alcohol...she then goes to Timber Hills Rehabilitation in Kelly's BMW, license 2ABM543; Donna and her mum attend the fashion show; Steve and Dylan fail to appear in this episode.

1.08 : Seventeen Year Itch <credits>
Jim and Cindy's 17th anniversary becomes interesting as Cindy's high school boyfriend Glen Evans is in town - he is still interested in her and they kiss; Brandon and Brenda contemplate that their mum is having an affair... but Jim ends up settling the dispute; Brandon and Brenda, meanwhile, participate in a twin study; David, Steve, and Donna try out for the school DJ; Kelly tells Brenda about divorce; Dylan and Andrea do not appear in this episode.

1.09 : The Gentle Art Of Listening <credits>
It's Grudge Week vs. Beverly High...Dylan gives advice on sex to Brandon - 14 year old Lucy has a crush on Brandon, but he is preparing to get in with Nina...until he meets her husband. David becomes the West Beverly High DJ; On the new teen help line, Rap Line, Brenda helps Bonnie through the aftermath of being raped by helping get the criminals arrested; Brenda finds out about that Kelly lost her virginity in 7th grade; Donna wants a nose job but gets a car instead; Andrea helps a boy with masturbation problems through Rap Line.

1.10 : Isn't It Romantic? <credits>
Brenda gets home to Casa Walsh to find Dylan showering upstairs, and catches him with only a towel on; Jim gets concerned about their possible relationship, as they go out on their first date. Dylan's problems with his father brings him closer to Brenda, and they kiss. An AIDS seminar leads everyone into discussing condoms, and Dylan decides to take an AIDS test.

1.11 : B.Y.O.B. <credits>
Donna's parents go to Cabo San Lucas so she throws a party where Kelly and Steve get together; The next weekend, Jim and Cindy go to Palm Springs and end up meeting couple Bob and Trudy...while they are away, Brenda throws a party which ends up in disaster as the police pay a visit...Dylan manages to get them to leave, though, by some interesting tactics; At the party, Brandon dances with Nina Ferris, Steve prepares the drinks, and Andrea gets upset when Brandon kisses her...After the party, Brandon goes driving, crashes his car and gets arrested for drunk driving...Dylan wants to help Brandon though the experience and takes Brandon to an AA meeting.

1.12 : One Man And a Baby <credits>
Brandon's date with Melissa gives him the chance to experience the 'joys' of looking after a child, after her babysitter failed to arrive in time for her to go to her Harvard interview. She ends up rejected after they think it wuld be too difficult to study and look after the baby. Kelly and Brenda enter a radio contest, and win a go at skydiving.

1.13 : Slumber Party <credits>
Brenda organises a 'girl's only' party for herself, Kelly, Donna, and Andrea. But an appearance by a friend of Kelly's, Amanda, causes tension between themselves. David and Scott catch word of what's happening, and turn up, hoping to get some pictures of the girls, but they end up busted. Meanwhile, Steve and Brandon pick up two girls, who show their true colours when they drive off with Steve's new Corvette.

1.14 : East Side Story <credits>
Carla Montez uses the Walsh house as her home address since she is a star witness in a murder case and needs to attend West Beverly for a short time; Brandon goes dancing and kisses her, but she refuses to go all the way with him; Casa Walsh throws a party for fashion worker Chuck Schneider - Steve and Dylan also attend and Chuck gets Brenda, Carla, Kelly, and Donna free clothes; David tries getting MC Hammer to play at prom, but ends up talking to Debbie Gibson; Brandon upsets Andrea after he tells her that he doesn't want a relationship with her.

1.15 : A Fling In Palm Springs
(aka Palm Springs Weekend)
David plans to go to Magic Mountain with Scott, but instead helps Steve out when he needs a house in Palm Springs for the weekend out with Brenda, Kelly, and Donna - David gets the his grandparents house who come home early from their cruise and catch them; David kisses Tuesday and they are about to get together until she cries about her boyfriend; Brenda has big plans for her and Dylan at the Desert Mirage Hotel until she finds him with Janie...Brenda meets Tom there (David Gail who later plays Stuart Carson); Kelly denies Steve to date; Brandon has a new car on his mind until he finds a homeless boy stealing from the Peach Pit; Andrea mopes around the Pit.

1.16 : Fame Is Where You Find It <credits>
Brandon gets a role with Lydia Leeds on the TV show 'Keep it Together' - he replaces Sean Judson temporarily but his scene gets cut out on the air date - Brenda gets jealous about his success; Steve, Dylan, Kelly, Donna, Andrea, and David all witness Brenda's big performance as Laverne while working at the Peach Pit to cover for Brandon.

1.17 : Stand (Up) And Deliver <credits>
Andrea backs out of running for Junior Class President...Brandon runs instead and Andrea helps his campaign; Kelly and Donna help out with his campaign just to get close to him making Andrea upset so she quits helping...Steve plans on stuffing the ballot box; Kelly dates David since he helped film Brandon's promotion video; Brenda gets jealous of Brandon, moves out, and quits school for 3 days after going to The 'Fall Out' Comedy Club where she meets a high school drop out, Sky; Dylan visits his dad in Mexico City; Brandon eventually gives Michael Miller the Class Presidentship after he tells him that he deserves it more.

1.18 : It's Only a Test <credits>
Kelly, Donna, and Brenda all partake in a breast cancer test which leaves Brenda in an anBrenda finds one. Its the SAT test on Saturday so Andrea studies with Steve since he took the $500 Alfred B. Cook prep course. They kiss making Andrea nervous. Brandon leaves the test to the hospital because he can't concentrate with Brenda in surgery for removal of the breast tumor from high estrogen levels. He sees Dylan, Jim, and Cindy there. David does not appear in this episode.

1.19 : April Is The Cruelest Month <credits>
Brandon interviews Roger Azarian for the school newspaper - Roger's screenplay impresses Brandon but Roger gets denied by Stanford making his dad upset, so he considers suicide...until Brandon steps in; Roger gives Brandon box seats to a Dodgers game, but he gives them to Steve and Dylan; Meanwhile, the SAT scores are in...Brenda and Brandon get 1190, Kelly gets 1050 and Donna gets 620 and is diagnosed with a learning disability; Andrea works on the Rapline; David does not appear in this episode.

1.20 : Spring Training <credits>
Brandon and Steve try out being baseball coaches. But when their team come up against Nat's team, they find the competition just a little too good, which includes Andrea, who plays her part in the win. Meanwhile, Brenda decides what to do with a stray dog she befriends, after Jim's refusal for her to keep it.

1.21 : Spring Dance <credits>
It's Spring Dance time and Steve's birthday; Steve asks Darla Dillon to the dance but turns him down because of her dislike for Corvettes, so he goes with Donna (and her huge red dress); Kelly and Brenda go shopping and end up getting the same dress as each other; Steve tells Brandon that he is adopted; For the dance, Kelly ends up going with Brandon, which upsets Andrea since she and Brandon were going to watch the film, 'Prom Nightmare'...At the dance, Andrea shows up alone, David wins the dance competition and gets to dance with the Spring Princess, Kelly; Brenda loses her virginity to Dylan in room 217 in the hotel of the dance.

1.22 : Home Again <credits>
Jim gets a double salary increase for accepting his job promotion - which involves moving back to Minnesota - everyone gets upset over the possible move; Steve gets beaten up by a midget; Brenda tells Brandon of her night with Dylan in the previous episode, and later admits to Dylan that she may be pregnant; Andrea wants a night with Brandon but a going away party filmed by David disrupts their plans...Steve, Kelly, Andrea, Dylan and Donna attend, but it all has a happy ending as Jim sees how happy everyone is and decides to stay in Beverly Hills.

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