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10.01 : The Phantom Menace
After the shooting of her rapist, Kelly goes on the defensive as she now prepares to deal with the legal action against her...Matt helps out and manages to get the charges of murder dropped; Steve finds out about Janet's newspaper interview, but not of her pregnancy - now four months on; Gina is thrown out of the beach appartment and David throws Dylan out of his house after finding him and Gina sleeping together...the two then meet up again in a hotel; Noah attempts to make Donna jealous by going out with a fellow bartender, Cherise, while Donna wants to help her friend Kelly - and is suprised at how little Wayne seems to care about the situation.

10.02 : Let's Eat Cake
Kelly continues to get over her recent ordeal, but is interupted by Matt's attraction and intimacy towards her...; Meanwhile, Steve finds out about Janet's pregnancy and has to make a decision about whether or not to be a part of the baby's life...; Donna is keen to get back with Noah, but he's not sure whether he wants to give up Cherise...; A suprise party is planned for David, although Gina has plans of her own which involves having David for herself; David though is annoyed at both Gina and Dylan, accusing the former of using him to make Dylan jealous and the latter of trying to buy his way out of trouble - Dylan meanwhile helps a friend with a drug problem.

10.03 : You Better Work
Kelly considers a change in career to help her move on and catches the eye of Pia, the publisist, who considers her as a new recruit; Steve's fatherhood decision is reached and he decides that he would like to be part of the baby's life, although his fear of the situation leads him into wanting to marry Janet...; Gina uses a lightning strike as the reason for Donna's clothing line going up in flames as she prepares to get the collection ready for the viewing by potential buyers; Dylan applies to California university, but is rejected although David offers to step in and help out...; Noah's relationship with Cherise comes to an end as his feelings for Donna are still very much alive.

10.04 : A Fine Mess
Steve is still interested in marrying Janet although she isn't so sure...their situation leads others to look at their own relationships, which includes Kelly, who becomes upset over Matt's view that he doesn't want to get married again; David turns bad on the radio and uses his new attitude to prove points and settle scores; Dylan kicks Gina out of the hotel, but lets her back in after getting a guilty conscience...although she soon finds that things aren't as they were before...

10.05 : The Loo Ouch
Steve and Janet break the news of their expectant child, but their reaction is not what they would have hoped...Janet's decision to move in with Steve means that either Noah or Matt must move out so putting added pressure on Kelly and Donna; Gina starts to resent Dylan's act of paying for her own apartment; Noah turns the After Dark into a strip club without Dylan's consent; David's on-air personality starts to take hold of real life which eventually puts an end to his relationship.

10.06 : 80's Night
Noah and Gina's secret plan to turn the After Dark into a men's club takes a turn for the worse when the police burst in and arrest Noah and an unsuspecting Donna...; Kelly receives a letter from her rapist's parents asking for forgiveness for the agony their son put her through; Matt attempts to get a clients sentence reduced from the death penalty to life imprisonment, which conflicts with Kelly's views; Steve's new mature father-like attitude starts to conflict with Janet's youthful one as she gets the chance to play in her old college band; David's bad radio attitude continues as he breaks up a couple on his radio show.

10.07 : Laying Pipe
Gina gets what she wants as she blackmails Mel into becoming her personal trainer; David works with a performing artist; Janet and Steve ask Kelly and Dylan to be the godparents of their child which leads Kelly into thinking further about her own moral thoughts; Matt continues to try to get Kenny's sentance reduced which in turn continues to drive himself and Kelly apart; Donna attempts to find out more about a man who dies after recently meeting him - and enlists Noah's help in doing this; Steve meanwhile has motor dilemas as he faces the decision of whether or not to sell his corvette as fatherhood looms.

10.08 : Baby, You Can Drive My Car
Janet and Steve send the rest of the gang on a scavenger hunt type search around town which eventually ends up at their wedding...although Janet is worried over how her dress looks given her pregnancy; Kelly gets upset at Noah for his part in the break up of Mel and Jackie which leads him into lying to keep the peace, upsetting Donna; Gina continues to try to make her relationship with Dylan closer, which makes him uncomfortable and starts to drive him towards Kelly...; Gina and David help a stray dog.

10.09 / 10.10 : Family Tree / What's In A Name
Janet goes into premature labour which turns both her and Steve's lives upside down...the baby is named Madeline but Steve's attempts at being the perfect dad backfire as the baby continually cries when he is around...; David learns that Gina blakmailed his dad and told Jackie of his appearance at the club which puts him in direct conflict with Gina; Donna has a shock when she finds out that Dr. Martin is Gina's real father is therefore her half-sister; Noah moves into the beach appartment which is uncomfortable for Kelly given the situation between Mel and Jackie; Kelly though is concerned of her relationship with Matt and their differing views.

10.11 : Sibling Revelry
Donna tells Gina that they are half-sisters and not cousins and then promise to be completely honest with each other which their parents clearly haven't...Gina though does not take the news well and feels like the inferior sister of Donna; Noah tells Donna that he doesn't want to go to a Harvard reunion and consequently tells her about the time when he killed his then girlfriend while driving drunk...; Steve becomes overly-concerned with the health of Madeline; Matt meanwhile becomes concerned when Kelly receives an expensive gift from Dylan; David starts to consider the future of his relationship with Gina.

10.12 : Nine Yolks Whipped Lightly
Steve and Janet prepare for their first family Christmas with baby in tow, but Janet has an unwanted problem in that her parents have alienated her after her marriage to Steve; It's too little too late for Dylan as Kelly gets engaged to Matt...and things get worse as his violent reaction in front of a group of children leads to one of the group imitating him; Donna and Gina's sisterly bond grows as Donna's parents negative attitude towards Gina continues...but Donna's other bond, with boyfriend Noah, comes to an abrupt end when he decides to break up with her for refusing to forget the past.

10.13 : Tainted Love
Dylan has trouble accepting Kelly and Matt's engagement turning him wild and leading to him turning down the offer of Steve and Janet to become Madeline's godfather - Gina becomes upset at this; Matt is suspended from his job after borrowing money to buy Kelly's engagement ring...; David tries out one of Donna's sweaters with disasterous consequences...; After their break up, Donna and Noah finally go their separate ways and start dating others.

10.14 : I'm Using You 'Cause I Like You
David and Donna are set up on dates - David meets up with one of Matt's colleagues and Donna's dream guy ends up admitting to be married; Kelly considers her position at the store primarily because of Matt's predicament; Matt meanwhile gets involved in a case regarding a man injred at work...directly contravening his suspension order; Dylan and Gina get arrested after being found in posession of coke.

10.15 : Fertile Ground
Kelly finally quits the store but she has other concerns - Matt's brother Patrick wants Matt to donate sperm to solve his problem of being infertile and wanting a family - which Kelly objects to profusely; Meanwhile, Donna feels overworked in her new lone role at the store and starts dating a customer...; Noah gets involved with the problems of his drug abusing friends and turns to Dylan to provide an escape route; Steve admits to Janet about his college romance with the nanny.

10.16 : The Final Proof
Kelly and Matt plan to go on a couples game show which ends up with them drifting apart; Gina attempts to bond further with her natural father, Dr. Martin, unaware of the events that are about to take place...; Noah is kidnapped with his captors demanding a huge ransom from Dylan for his release; David's Valentine's date turns into a nightmare when she apparently leaves him for her ex.

10.17 : Doc Martin
Dr. Martin's death understandably leaves Donna and Gina distraught - Gina blames herself as she was the only person with him at his death, and considers an offer by Dylan to leave Beverly Hills...meanwhile, the gang do all they can to help Donna; Noah and Dylan attempt to recover from their ordeal, with Noah falling into depression; Matt's debts finally catch up with him.

10.18 : Eddie Waitkus
A TV broadcast reveals what appears to be Dylan's father Jack McKay (presumed dead in Season 3) - Dylan sees it and enlists the help of an old friend...; Noah falls off a wagon as his drink problem worsens...Donna does her best to help out, and is later set up on a date by Janet; David overhears a conversation involving Camille and ponders over the performances of his bedroom exploits, finally going off to seek advice; Kelly's job with a public relations company puts her in the difficult position of how to deal with their conflicting views.

10.19 : I Will Be Your Father Figure
Kelly, Matt and Steve help out with Dylan's quest to find his father - he finally does and discovers the new family life he has started...; David's friendship with Donna becomes a problem for Camille - meanwhile, Donna supports Noah with his recovery after he crashed in Donna's apartment in a drunken state; Kelly ends her career at the political PR firm and decides to start her own; Steve's brother pays a visit.

10.20 : Ever Hear The One About The Exploding Father
Dylan finds out what really happened on that day seven years ago when his father appeared to be blown up in a car explosion...and considers whether to start a new life with Jack; David considers working in New York - this makes Camille concerned and Donna confused about her true feelings for him; Matt gets involved with a case where a stand up comedian was fired when his audience walked out of his show...; Steve is at odds with his brother after he drops out of college and starts working at the After Dark; Meanwhile, Kelly is at odds with Camille over a promotion push.

10.21 : Spring Fever
Matt ends up on acid when a biking adventure with Dylan ends up at a rave - later Noah finds love with a fellow alcoholic at the After Dark; Donna gets jealous and then depressed after seeing David and Camille together - with one of the moments being at her own shop; Kelly wants to use Madeline in an advertising campaign for one of her clients, but Steve remains concerned about the idea.

10.22 : The Easter Bunny
Steve comes up with a plan to replace their neighbours rabbit quickly, after Janet's parents dog kills it; Donna plans to expand her business on to the internet, and enlists the help of Dylan and Camille...Camille's involvement, though, causes some concern for David and friction between himself and Donna; Kelly becomes concerned over Matt's odd behaviour, while he ponders over whether to tell Kelly about his one-night stand...

10.23 : And Don't Forget To Give Me Back My Black T-Shirt
Mitch, Donna's website designer, puts Donna in the position of either dating him or losing her new website...; Camille, meanwhile, starts modelling for Donna's site, but things take a downturn when David decides to break up with her; Desparation sets in for Matt after he tells Kelly that it was Dylan - not him - who slept with the girl they met on their trip; Noah bails Ellen out of jail; Janet finds out about Steve's secret trust fund and later has a disagreement with him over investing in Donna's website.

10.24 : Love Is Blind
Matt's job offer in Seattle means that a major decision has to be made over his relationship with Kelly - when the offer falls through later, he still intends Kelly to move away with him...; Kelly meanwhile must decide whether she wants to move too far away from Dylan - who, coincidentally, is planning a major move over her...; Felice Martin puts her house up for sale; Donna and David consider dating again, despite their many ultimately failed attempts before; Noah helps Ellen recover from recent events; Steve and Janet's lucrative offer to sell The Beat for a seven-figure sum could mean Janet staying in her job, while Steve ends up looking after their child at home.

10.25 : I'm Happy For You...Really
Kelly finds out that Dylan may have perished in a surfing accident - which leads her into realising her true feelings for him...; Matt, meanwhile, finds out that his brother was killed in a car accident; Donna worries whether another relationship with David can really work - after her concerns over what he really thinks of her...; David continues to get over his split with Camille; Steve feels subdued at finishing at The Beat and considers turning down the multi-million dollar offer...; Janet is offered a new job.

10.26 : The Penultimate
Donna mulls over her decision of whether or not to marry David; David meanwhile thinks that Donna is delaying her decision because of the worry of dreams matching reality. Dylan graduates from California University, but things take a turn for the worse as Kelly calls off their engagement. Surrogate father Matt considers moving to New York to help raise his child with his sister-in-law, but later decides to stay in Los Angeles with Kelly. Janet feels isolated from the family as Steve's bonding with Maddie grows and receives some bad news about her job prospects.

10.27 : Ode To Joy
Gina secures a job as a sports commentator in New York; Donna and David's wedding plans are well underway, with everyone keen to chip in; Janet gets the much sought after editor's job she wanted, but becomes concerned at the amount of time she will have to be away from Maddie; David and Donna's stag and hen nights (respectively) take place...a game of 'Tail on the Donkey' takes centre stage at Donna's, while David has to contend with a stripper who turns out to be a transvestite. Donna and David's wedding takes place, and Matt announces to Kelly that he's moving to New York at the post wedding reception; this move allows Kelly to be with Dylan once again.

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