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2.01 : Beach Blanket Brandon <credits>
School's out for summer - Brandon has his eyes on a 1965 Mustang Convertible and quits working at The Peach Pit as he needs a job which earns him more money...Steve tells him to meet Henry Thomas from the Beverly Hills Beach Club, who eventually hires him as a cabana boy; After a home pregnancy test, Kelly takes Brenda to see her gynaecologist...During the urine sample, she finally gets her period - Dylan, Brenda, and her parents are relieved, although Brenda breaks up with Dylan over it; Donna, David, Andrea, and Brenda take an acting class with Chris Suiter tutoring the class.

2.02 : The Party Fish <credits>
Brandon meets Jerry Ratinger at the Beverly Hills Beach Club - he hires Brandon to drive his wife around; Brandon meets a young girl, Sandy, and kisses her, but he gets upset when Jerry's wife tells him that Sandy is Jerry's mistress; After much searching, Brandon finally finds the dream Mustang at 3500 dollars, but decides not to buy it yet; Dylan does some surfing; Kelly goes to the beach; David, Andrea, Brenda, and Donna have fun in the acting class; Steve gets upset that Maia Landen turned him down for David; All except David go to see the orgy of the grunion.

2.03 : Summer Storm <credits>
Jack McKay gets indicted for 23 charges of income tax evasion; Dylan goes surfing in stormy conditions, but a serious accident lands him with three cracked ribs...The Walshes are happy to take him in from the hospital until Jim sees him kissing Brenda; Dylan shows Brandon his old cabana when he was a kid; Kelly meets and kisses Kyle Connor but he backs away as he tries to work out his sexuality...Later, Steve makes fun of Kyle for not getting in with Kelly; Andrea, Donna, David and Brenda continue their acting class, including Shakespeare with Donna playing Romeo and David playing Juliet.

2.04 : Anaconda <credits>
Steve, Brandon, Paul, Danny, and David get Brenda and Donna as babes for a poker match at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, inspired by Ross Weener...David wins 400 dollars and Dylan loses all of his money; Detective Pena accuses Dylan of a robbery at the beach club but he is released after The Sea Shell Laundry Service is accused and caught...Afterwards, Dylan packs for Hawaii to see his mum; Brenda gets sunburn after spending too much time on the beach; Andrea and Kelly don't appear in this episode.

2.05 : Play It Again, David <credits>
Andrea persuades Brandon to act as a big brother to Felix from the Euclid Apartments in Reseda...While carrying out his job, Brandon discovers that Felix is being abused by his mum; Donna and Brenda work on their tans at the Beverly Hills Beach Club; Jackie breaks a tooth causing her to meet David's dentist dad, Mel Silver - after which they start dating, making Kelly and David feel awkward; Steve wonders if Mel has been to bed with Jackie yet; Steve gets Kelly to act bitchy to Mel, which Jackie disapproves of; Dylan calls Brenda from a spa in Maui.

2.06 : Pass / Not Pass <credits>
Brenda and Andrea fight over Chris Suiter...In their scene 'Turning Point', Brenda slaps Andrea; Later, Chris tells Andrea he has a girlfriend...after they kiss; Brandon buys the yellow 1965 Mustang convertible license 2BRI645 for $3500 - but it breaks down; Jim pays $250 to get it out of impound and puts a 289 V8 in it; Brandon takes Steve and Kelly for their first ride; Dylan returns from Hawaii; David and Donna join the gang at the Hawaiian party at the Beach Club.

2.07 : Camping Trip <credits>
Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Donna, Dylan, David, and Andrea goes to Yosemite for a camping trip...There, they meet newlyweds Neil from B.U. and Alison from Harvard and help them through the problem of a surprise pregancy on their honeymoon; Brandon slips on a cliff and is saved by a quick-thinking Dylan; Steve gets ripped off of $50 by an old couple when trying to buy beer; Dylan starts drinking again...; The gang talk about the subject of divorce and how and when their respective parents divorced...Kelly's when she was 3 and a half, Steve's when he was 5, David's when he was 14 and Dylan's when he was 6.

2.08 : Wild Fire <credits>
It's the first day of the new school term and Emily Valentine from Marin County, is a new girl; Steve thinks she is hot, and Brandon and Dylan both date and kiss her; Brenda gets jealous of Dylan's action and makes up and kisses him; Emily performs the song 'Addicted to Clothes' with Brenda, Kelly, and Donna; Andrea decides that she wants to focus on the school paper this year; Scott gets back from Oklahoma with fireworks and guns, which infuriates David.

2.09 : Ashes To Ashes <credits>
The Walshes get a new alarm system for the house with code 2514, but it has circuit problems; Brandon meets Robinson Ash III who takes photos for the school paper...Brandon takes out Robinson's sister, Cherice, but she has a boyfriend named Devo, who works at Tamale Heaven...Devo gets harrassed by the West Beverly Hills Security so Andrea and Brandon decide to make a story about it; Cherice meets the gang including the Dylan, Donna, and David; Brenda, Steve, Kelly, and the rest of the gang eat Papa's Popcorn, owned by the Ash family.

2.10 : Necessity Is a Mother <credits>
Dylan's mum, Iris McKay comes to town; Dylan ditches school, loses 800 dollars to Falcone at a pool hall, gets drunk and later, beaten up...Brenda is concerned, but Brandon takes him to AA in appreciation of the time that Dylan helped him with the same problem last season; Iris tells Dylan that Jack gave her a lot of money to stay out of Dylan's life, but she gives it all to Jim to set up a trust fund; Donna spends $1231.14 on the stock market and it triples...Kelly thinks she is wasting money and Steve says to not sell and stay in - but she decides to sell and makes a profit; Andrea puts the paper to bed; David hangs around.

2.11 : Leading From The Heart <credits>
Brandon and Brenda's cousin, Bobby, from Minnesota visits them to see if he wants to transfer to UCLA...he has been confined to a wheelchair for 3 years, after a snow skiing accident where he went off a jump into a tree; Kelly and Bobby kiss; Dylan, Steve, and Brandon carry Bobby up to a party, but he feels left out; David asks Donna to a movie; Brenda passes her driving test; Andrea gets upset/jealous that Emily has joined the newspaper.

2.12 : Down And Out Of District In Beverly Hills <credits>
Andrea wins the Times Competition; Cliff Kramer finds that she doesn't live with her Grandma in the Beverly Hills school district, which may land her in trouble - Mrs. Teasley investigates which ends with Grandma Rose Zuckerman letting Andrea stay; Kelly, Brenda, and Donna help convert the appartment to a fashionable style; Steve meets Christine and they go to REM in a limo and see David there...Steve and Christine admit their love for each other but Steve later dumps her after she keeps taking advantage of him; Dylan and Brandon go dune buggy riding.

2.13 : Halloween <credits>
Brandon goes for a walk with Emily - and her 2 young cousins - who get lost along the way...luckily, they managed to find their way home to the relief of a worried Emily; David and Scott consider taking part in a possible egg fight - they get into their positions behind a hedge but they end up being the only two people attending; Kelly almost gets raped at a halloween party, but is saved as Donna and Brenda walk in.

2.14 : The Next 50 Years <credits>
For Scott Scanlon's birthday, his mother, Pam, tells David to get friends for the party at 5070 Foothill Drive; Kelly, Donna, Steve, Brenda, Brandon and Emily all go, with the latter two caught making out and asked to leave; Scott looks for some matches in his dad's office but instead finds a gun...While twirling it in front of David, Scott accidentally shoots himself in the stomach and dies...David then regrets the way he treated Scott for the last year; Andrea does a story on the incident and becomes jealous at Brandon dating Emily; The 1991 time capsule becomes dedicated to Scott; Dylan goes to Baha.

2.15 : U4EA <credits>
Emily and gang take the advice of a flyer and exchange the word 'egg' and 10 dollars with the shopkeeper at 778 Alvarado St. - in return, they get information that leads them to an illegal underground club; Andrea spills coffee on the directions at The Peach Pit so her and Steve arrive late; David gets drunk worrying Donna; Kelly gets so upset that he pukes; Emily spikes Brandon's drink with euphoria worrying Brenda; Dylan takes his keys and Brandon's car is left overnight - Dylan and Brandon go to retrieve it in the morning but they find it trashed, which contributes to his breakup with Emily.

2.16 : My Desperate Valentine <credits>
Emily, Andrea, Brandon, Steve, Donna, Kelly, David, Dylan and Brenda work on a float, with David put in charge of taping it; Dylan and Brenda later experience a violin concert and end up making out; Emily is keen on having Brandon back - she does hang ups, lying, hate mail, ruins the float, and slashes her own motorcycle tyres to sleep at the Walshes, all to no avail - in a moment of desparation, she almost torches the float until Brenda stops her.

2.17 : Chuckie's Back <credits>
Chuckie Wilson, one of the few people who knows about Steve being adopted, lets tell which lands him in trouble with Steve - he hits him and gets suspended, but takes the heat eventually enabling Chuckie to do a Hartley House reunion show with Steve's mum...Brandon convinces Andrea not to do a story on it; Steve finds out from Samantha that his real mom is Karen Brown living outside of Alberquerque, New Mexico and so decides to leave for the town almost immediately; At the winter dance, Donna kisses David, Dylan takes Brenda and Kelly stands up Chuckie after finding out the hurt he caused to Steve.

2.18 : A Walsh Family Christmas (Parts 1 & 2) <credits>
Steve arrives in New Mexico, and meets his grandfather, Al Brown, who breaks the news that his real mother, Karen, is dead; Meanwhile, the Walshes 'enjoy' everyone's company at Casa Walsh, including Santa - an old homeless man who Brandon and Nat met at The Peach Pit; Dylan revives his relationship with his father, Jack McKay, by visiting him in jail; Jackie storms off as Mel tells her that he will be spending Christmas with David and Sheila - his soon to be ex-wife.

2.19 : Fire And Ice <credits>
After a practice hockey game with Steve, Dylan, and Jim, Brandon meets ice skater, Trisha Kinney making Andrea jealous...They kiss but when she qualifies for the finals, Coach Kokinski has to train her with no distractions - which includes not seeing Brandon; Brenda saves up for her own car but gets upset when Deidre takes a 500 dollar commission...Cindy steps in to help her daughter and acts bitchy towards the sales manager; David buys 190 dollar perfume for Donna's late December 25th birthday.

2.20 : A Competitive Edge <credits>
Brandon makes the 440 relay team which bumps Steve off the squad...Steve then starts taking steroids with the team upsetting Brandon when he finds out; Dylan tells Steve that steroids will shrink the gonads, but he continues to take them...Andrea ends up with the story since Kyle turned the team in making Kelly worried for his safety; Brenda hits Rosemary Winters from behind in Brandon's car after David and Donna disrupt her arguing over a radio station...Rose files whiplash claims but she is found out to be a fraud by Brenda as a surprise visit to her house enables her to see Rose exercising; Later, Brenda grinds the gears in Dylan's Porsche.

2.21 : Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout It <credits>
Andrea wants condoms introduced into school but the issue leads her friendship with Brandon to slip after he reminds her of her virginity; Some of the gang help give out flyers promoting safe sex; Brenda writes about her experiences with her pregnancy scare, which upsets Dylan who feels his privacy should be kept private; Kelly disagrees on the matter even after finding out that Mel impregnated Jackie...The issue leads David to want sex with Donna, so with Steve's help he buys some condoms but she eventually turns him down.

2.22 : Baby Makes Five <credits>
For Valenitine's Day, Dylan keeps hinting on a surprise for Brenda...which turns out to be a trip to the hospital to donate some blood - he tells her that he feels he should give some back after he was invloved in a car accident when he was younger and needed a lot of blood then; Kelly is upset over Jackie's pregnancy and suggests an abortion; Meanwhile, Donna finds out from David that Mel is preparing to propose marriage to Jackie, and also from Kelly that Jackie is pregnant...she lets it slip to the opposite parties, which causes a mess; Andrea, Nat, Brandon and Steve go off to the races, and Andrea does some instinctive betting on horses such as 'Lovesick', 'Unrequited' and 'Grande Amour' to win big.

2.23 : Cardio Funk <credits>
Jim, Nat and Brandon decide to try Karaoke in The Peach Pit...Steve, Andrea, David, Donna, Dylan, Brenda, Kelly and Brandon all sing but get sick of it after a few days as the classic songs start to come through; Brenda meets Tim Matthews at Bob Silver's Health World while her and Kelly take a cardio-funk class...Brenda ends up kissing Tim; Dylan meets Sara again, aka 'Surfer Betty', at an AA meeting...They kiss at her appartment in Van Nuys and Dylan sleeps over to help her out but a relationship does not develop...The next day, Dylan gets a 90 day sobriety keychain.

2.24 : The Pit And the Pendulum <credits>
Brandon becomes involved with a woman, Marcie St. Claire, who's father, Dixon, has a secret business oppertunity in line - which includes tearing down The Peach Pit; the project involves building a massive mall called the High Point Centre. When Brandon tries his hardest to stop it, Nat finally gives in and accepts the offer...but a last minute pull-out from DSE Developments means The Peach Pit is saved; Dylan, Steve, Kelly, Donna, Brenda and Brandon go to Marcie's 'I am Blue' college party, but Brandon forgets that the title implies that he should turn up in something blue.

2.25 : Meeting Mr. Pony <credits>
With midterms approaching, Dylan struggles keeping his mind on studying, so Brenda decides to help him take his mind off it by taking him to The Peach Pit...a robbery at the Peach Pit, by a 17 year old male, gets Brenda held at gunpoint, as he tries to get Nat's money; The next day, Brenda has nightmares of the event and runs out of the class screaming - she goes to see a pshychiatrist who diagnoses her with Post Traumatic Stress disorder. Andrea files a police report; On Saturday, the gang support Brenda as she prepares to go to a line up to spot the criminal...

2.26 : Things To Do On a Rainy Day <credits>
Brian, Mark, Kevin, and Sam from 'Color Me Badd' are in town where they will be playing at the Belage Hotel...Donna, David, Brenda, and Kelly try to get tickets through a radio show, but fail, so David books them a room at the hotel where they try to meet the band...only Kelly turns out to be successful and gets them to play in private at the Peach Pit for Donna - who is shattered by the revealation that her mom is having an affair at the Belage. Meanwhile, Andrea barges in on Steve, Dylan, and Brandon to do some brainstorming for the paper - but the boys are waiting for Brandy, a female stripper, who eventually performs after Andrea leaves...their attempt to cover it up is unsuccessful as Jim finds out about it.

2.27 : Mexican Standoff (Part 1 of 2) <credits>
After missing curfew once too often after sleeping over at Dylan's, Jim forbids Brenda to go to the La Boca Grande de Baja motel in Baja, Mexico with Dylan, but she goes anyway, attempting to keep her secret safe with Brandon; Andrea also wants to go but is denied...on the way home the border patrol checks for Brenda's ID which she lost in the previous robbery and has to call home - to a flaming Jim Walsh. Jackie's wedding approaches, and a young worker, Jake Hanson, catches Kelly's turns out that he lives in Melrose and is building a wedding canope for the wedding. Steve gets upset when he finds Jake over at Kelly's for dinner, and walks out; David buys Mel and his fiance some earrings while Donna still worries about her parents breaking up.

2.28 : Wedding Bell Blues (Part 2 of 2) <credits>
After the Taylor's house floods, the Walshes host Mel & Jackie's wedding at their house with Donna, Brenda, and Kelly as bridesmaids and Steve and Brandon helping out. Andrea thinks that she isn't invited, but her mother had forgotton to give it to her, and later catches the bouquet symbolizing that she will be the next to be married...David helps at the rehearsal and Donna's parents talk about divorce. After Jim picks Brenda up at the Mexican border, she takes the heat from her parents, as does Dylan, which drives him back to the bottle; Kelly gets in with Jake, and she and Brandon get busted for lying about Brenda's wherabouts.

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