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The second episode title for episodes 3.03 to 3.05 is given for the French story with Brenda and Donna (and are not 2hr episodes).

3.01 : Misery Loves Company <credits>
Brandon quits working at the Peach Pit to get a job at the Beverly Hills Beach Club...Andrea is also working there as the Kiddy Camp Program Head Counselor and has started dating Jay Thermon from Northwestern. Jim and Cindy finally become members of the club and are allocated Cabana 33. Steve gets fired from the Peach Pit after he dreams of being held back in high school. Brenda starts sneaking out to see Dylan again, but is caught, making her parents furious; Later, she decides to move out of Casa Walsh and into Dylan's home...Kelly and Donna discuss their trip to Paris; Donna's parents call off their divorce after David catches them making love; Jackie Taylor goes into labour.

3.02 : The Twins, The Trustee, and the Very
Big Trip
Andrea continues dating and working at the Beach Club; Kelly decides not to go to Paris, due to her bonding with Erin...Jim blackmails Dylan by forcing him to encourage Brenda to go to Paris, else he'll accuse him of statutory rape of a minor; Donna wants David to go with her, but he has to attend math and science lessons at summer school in order to graduate early; Brandon and Steve date twins, Clare and Rory, but Steve gets fooled. Brenda sees Kelly and Dylan together as she and Donna leave for Paris...

3.03 : Too Little Too Late / Paris 75001 <credits>
Brenda and Donna are now in Paris, where they meet Maggie, Lynette, Anne, and Marie - they both have trouble understanding the menu, and end up eating cow brains at La Champagne, following their visit to the Balzac House; David dreams of Donna while he practices his music; Steve advises Brandon to make a move on Andrea...his jealousy over Jay forces him to and he kisses her - but she still loves Jay, and may not attend the Republican National Convention because of it; Andrea meets a deaf boy, Cameron Shaw; Dylan writes a letter for his dad to the parole board but his dad remains in jail. Kelly gets over Jake and starts to drift closer to Dylan...

3.04 : Sex, Lies and Volleyball / Photo Fini <credits>
Brooke Alexander from Palos Verdes rejects Steve's advances because of her attraction to Brandon. Steve and Brooke beat Kelly and Dylan in the Beach Club Volleyball Tournament, and go through to the finals, which they win. Kelly and Dylan get cozy in her cabana after a movie date, and David meets Nikki Witt who comes from San Francisco - there is an attraction and they kiss, but Kelly catches them and reminds David about being faithful to Donna...Meanwhile, Donna is offered a 3 year modelling contract in Paris, which she eventually refuses, because of sexual harrassment from one of the firm's employees, Pierre; Brenda starts smoking at a cafe; Andrea continues working at the Beach Club.

3.05 : Shooting Star / American In Paris <credits>
Kelly and Dylan go jet skiing and kiss whilst sleeping together at Paradise Cove, risking their respective relationship and friendship with Brenda; Meanwhile, Brenda meets Rick, a young American college student, in Paris and pretends to be French to impress him; Steve persuades David to let him be his manager for 10% of earnings after listening to and approving of his music. Brandon helps out Jack Canner, a homeless Gulf War veteran on the beach, but his efforts ultimately fail; Andrea gets worried as Cameron, her deaf student, goes missing.

3.06 : Castles In The Sand <credits>
When Brandon throws Brenda and Donna a 9pm Welcome Home party at the Walshes, Brenda feels something has changed about Dylan...Steve gets David a gig at the Beach Club; Andrea's day care group wins the sandcastle competition with a version of the Batmobile; Brooke's repeated racist comments lead Brandon into breaking up with her; Brenda admits to Dylan about her relationship with Rick in Paris; After Kelly finds out about Brenda smoking, she and Dylan agree that they should put their recent events together in the past.

3.07 : A Song For Myself <credits>
At the start of senior year, Donna is made a senior buddy for Nikki Witt, who now yearns for Brandon...Steve is made senior buddy for a nerdy junior called Herbert Little - and helps David get a record deal; Brenda's buddy is Sue Scanlon (Scott's sister) who has problems; Andrea has problems of her own adjusting to the newspaper's new faculty advisor, Gil Meyers, after he offers Brandon the editor-in-chief position...She then accuses him of sexism, but eventually splits the position for Brandon and Andrea; Donna finds out about David's events with Nikki, and puts his love to a test at Dylan's dinner party. Kelly gets jealous of Dylan and Brenda kissing.

3.08 : The Back Story <credits>
Beth Nielson from Back Story is in town and Brenda, who is still smoking, helps her make a show about West Beverly High...but she is fooled, and makes a twisted interview which makes fun of Donna, Kelly...and Steve - who is now in possession of the school's master key (or legacy key, as it is more commonly known) which he received from B.J. Harrison; David supplies the footage for the show; Brandon and Nikki kiss after she joins the paper; Dylan goes to West Lompoc to visit his jailed dad and takes the SAT there while the rest of the gang, with the exception of Brandon and Andrea, take it at West Beverly.

3.09 : Highwire <credits>
After some internal fighting about college funding, Jim gives both Brandon and Brenda the choice to study out of state, but both finally decide on a first choice of California University; Andrea dreams of Yale; Steve wants to go to USC but his D+ average isn't good enough...he decides to attempt a break into school to get the new master key after B.J. Harrison gives him the now useless older one...unfortunately, Mr. Hutchins the janitor catches him, and Steve is forced into paying him $100 to keep quiet about the incident; Dylan decides that he doesn't want to go to college and Kelly is still undecided following David's accidental walk into the bathroom and catching her naked; Brandon relationship with Nikki continues; Donna is told of her art talent as a major for college.

3.10 : Home And Away <credits>
Brandon narrates a part of this episode where a football game involving West Beverly against Shaw is thrown into doubt as Bose Hinton and Paul Browning from Shaw are killed at their football game; Brandon meets Jordan Bonner, a journalist from Shaw, and they write an editorial on the issue...Brandon invites all the Shaw students to the Pigskin Prom, which is being headed by Brenda and sponsored by Gil, but his 'recklesness' makes Andrea mad; Donna gets jealous that Sue wants to be with David - who is playing at the dance; Bill Taylor, who was meant to be flying over from Barcelona, upsets his daughter Kelly by failing to turn up...Dylan comforts her, though, and takes her to the dance.

3.11 : A Presumption of Innocence <credits>
Sue Scanlon, sister of Scott (who shot himself last season) accuses Gil Meyers of sexual misconduct, which leads to his suspension. Later, Andrea has dinner at Sue's house, where she finds out that it was Sue who seduced Gil; David and Donna talk to her and discover that she has been molested by her uncle Henry. Dylan joins a group to help clean up the bay after he contracts a cough in Malibu making him refuse being with Brenda - he later celebrates his 18th birthday at The Peach Pit; Nikki gives Brandon private dancing lessons which leads to Brandon's bed; Steve, Kelly and Brenda to try and get Brandon to dance in a club...

3.12 : Destiny Rides Again <credits>
Brenda meets Rick again but acts her normal 'American-self' which leads her to break up with Dylan, who starts to return to Kelly...; Dylan is accused of cheating on the SAT's since he scored 300 points better; Donna talks about sex with Father Chris, who caught her and David in an x-rated section of a video store; Finally, David and Donna sleep together in her room; Steve and Herbert break into school to change Steve's grades, but the computers shut down; Andrea gets hit by a car and breaks both of her legs; Nikki gets tickets to a Rosie O'Donnell show for AIDS, so she, Brandon, David, and Donna go to join the lively debate.

3.13 : Rebel With a Cause <credits>
Steve and Herbert become apprehensive as cops show up to investigate their crime...Steve contines to pay Mr. Hutchins demand of more blackmail money; Andrea gets out of the hospital and into a wheelchair; Brenda and Rick run into Dylan and Kelly - Brenda lashes out at Kelly, and the whole saga makes Dylan think about leaving town to clear his head; Brandon is impressed with Jim as he becomes attracted to his new secretary; After David worries about playing in the Battle of the Bands, him and Donna go on a date at the Peach Pit.

3.14 : Wild Horses <credits>
After Steve is threatened by Mr. Hutchins, he asks Herbert to take the heat, but his guilt gives in, and admits his crime to Mrs. Tiesley - the result...expulsion from school. Andrea's recovery continues, although she is still in a wheelchair; Donna convinces Kelly and Brenda to be friends again; After David and the Commotions play a bad show, David fires Steve; Dylan leaves town to clear his head, but his car breaks down at a ranch...there, he meets Anne Berrisford, a rich, older woman, who he falls in love with...but after she sells her horse for 1.3 million, his opinion of her changes to an acquisitive opitunist, and abruptly leaves the ranch; Nikki's old boyfriend Dennis 'Diesel' Stone from Diesel Stone and The Waste Management gets a record deal over David, and Nikki, who left him because if his abuse, gets more of it when she goes back to his place...Brandon shows up to save the day, however, and knocks him flat.

3.15 : The Kindness of Strangers <credits>
It's Thanksgiving time, and Andrea's recovery is making good progress as she is now on crutches; David and Donna plan to go to Big Bear to ski, but it is snowed in, so they go to Casa Walsh instead; Brandon runs into Jack Canner again who upsets Jim over the issue of serving his country...later, though, he fixes their leaky roof, and forget about their quarrel. Dylan's dad is released from jail for 48 hours and spends time with his girlfriend Christine; Steve tells his mother of his expulsion at a film shooting - she becomes inflamed, but helps him get reinstated, albeit with double detentions until graduation; Steve has sex with Alyssa Gardner, the Production Assistant, at the shooting; Since Mel and Jackie are in Palm Springs, Kelly goes to the Walshes for Thanksgiving with Brenda, Brandon, Jack, Donna, David, and Andrea.

3.16 : It's a Totally Happening Life <credits>
Andrea is off crutches and gets accepted to Yale but Jay breaks up with her by letter; Cindy walks in on Brandon and Nikki in bed, who breaks up with Brandon because of her move back to San Francisco; Andrea and Brandon kiss making them fight over the issue of their past loves; Guardian angels, Clarence and Miriam, save the gang from a fatal bus crash to Alvarado Street School, in which Donna is organizing the giving out of gifts to the children...Steve gets permission to attend the event; David decides to graduate early, as his mother moves to Portland; Dylan must decide between Kelly and Brenda by New Year's Eve; Gil loses a bet, and his beard.

3.17 : The Game Is Chicken <credits>
Andrea, now fully mobile again, undergoes hypnosis in order to remember her accident and who was resposible. David's determination to graduate early means that he has to double up on his schoolwork...this leaves him little time to be a DJ, so Donna steps in to help...and turns out to be an impressive substitute. Brandon's involvement with drag racing with Steve and Joe Wardlow leads him to the driver that hit Andrea, Frank Padilla, who is then put under arrest. A double date for Kelly and Brenda turns out to be less than fruitful...Dylan's decision over Brenda or Kelly lead the two girls to make him jealous.

3.18 : Mid Life, Now What? <credits>
After reading a book 'Mid-Life - Now What?' by Dr. Ben Cramer, Cindy thinks that Jim may be cheating on her and she could be right...he kisses Dottie - his secretary - in his fantasies; Jackie finds out Mel is having an affair; Kelly, Brenda, Cindy, Jackie, Andrea and Donna take a visit to Montecito Health Spa...Whilst there, Jackie gets offered some cocaine from Babette Lewis but turns it down; Brandon gambles on basketball games with Steve, who just wants to party all weekend; Dylan dreams of marrying Brenda with 5 kids and also marrying Kelly and being rich...He also learns on channel 6 that his father has been released from prison after 2 years of a 10 year sentence.

3.19 : Back In The Highlife Again <credits>
Jim denys Brenda to go to a party at The Belage Hotel to celebrate Jack McKay's release from prison; At the party, Kelly and Dylan go for a dip in the pool, and kiss...Brandon's gambling problem grows, Andrea considers a change of hair colour to blond, and David worries about the future of Jackie and his father after Mel admits his problem of monogamy and Jackie announces her divorce - Mel finally decides to move out, which upsets David. Jack asks Dylan to invest with him, but Jim doesn't approve. Brenda learns of Dylan and Kelly's fling in the summer, and vows never to speak to them again. Steve goes to a Lakers game and sits next to Jack Nicholson.

3.20 : Parental Guidance Recommended <credits>
Iris McKay arrives in town and catches Kelly and Dylan making out...After Dylan takes her to Ojai, she tells him of her disapproval over the trust fund proposal, but eventually gives in...Jack, however, has a plan to steal Dylan's money; Brandon places more bets and wins big on them, so he 'splashes out' on skiis and a car stereo; Donna fills in for David as DJ and goes with him to Icon Records where Curtis Bray tells him to fire his present manager Steve...which he does; Andrea goes to a Yale tea in San Marino and meets up with Brandon's friend, Jordan Bonner from Shaw; Brenda is depressed over Kelly and Dylan but gets some luck with a crystal from Iris.

3.21 : Dead End <credits>
Jim signs the trust fund money to Dylan of $10,000,000, which Jack desparately wants - his life continues to improve, as he is now engaged to Christine; Steve forgives David for firing him...At Icon Records, Serge Menkin asks David to record some rhythm tracks; Jackie decides on selling their house, but Kelly gets upset over it so she changes her mind; Andrea and Jordan go see Hoffa on their date; Brenda, Cindy, and Donna take a self defense workshop at the community center since finding out about a mugging; Brandon loses $500 on betting which makes Duke mad; After spending time with Dylan and Cristine on his new yacht, Jack is killed in a car bomb explosion that Dylan witnesses.

3.22 : The Child Is Father to the Man <credits>
Dylan accepts Brenda's offer to move in to the Walsh's, making Kelly jealous...; Andrea and the gang go to the 10am funeral for Jack who died in Venice, CA; At the Walsh's reception, Dylan's conscience wants him to drink but he doesn't; Steve turns down giving recording advice to David...Donna gets upset that David wants to record his music over seeing Dylan, so he postpones the date; Brandon's losing streak continues as the betting continues; Dylan takes Brandon's car, licence 2BRI645, to meet with FBI Agent Christine...there, he finds out that Jack got out of jail early to help catch bad guys.

3.23 : Duke's Bad Boys <credits>
Brandon owes Duke and Tony $1500 so he looks into selling his baseball cards...however, he wins $1500 on a Celtic game off bookie Jeff Stellar who can't pay up in time so Brandon takes it upon himself to threaten him; Donna gets Steve to attend David's recording of 'Precious' but David gets dumped by Icon and rehires Steve; After Brenda's dinner party, Kelly wants to be with Dylan, but is denied, so she starts taking over-the-counter weight loss pills; Andrea wants to interview Dylan for the Blaze, but he instead writes a story for it, about his father Jack, and is now a part of the AP English Class.

3.24 : Perfectly Perfect <credits>
The possible sale of the Taylor household makes Kelly furious...She is rude to prospective buyers and says that she will drop out of school; Donna, David and Brenda set up Kelly's surprise 18th birthday party, set for 9pm, at the Peach Pit - Steve misses the event, Tony Miller decides that he wants Brenda and Dylan spends time writing about his father...At the party, Andrea arrives with Jordan Bonner, and Kelly arrives with Dylan...soon after arriving, Kelly collapses on the floor from a diet pills overdose and is sent to hospital, where she is taken to room 105; Brandon and Steve go on a TV dating show, 'Love at First Sight.' - Steve eventually wins and takes his date, Celeste Lundy, to the Santa Monica Beach Front Oasis Hotel Resort.

3.25 : Senior Poll <credits>
It's Senior Poll Week, and awards are being given out...Kelly wins most beautiful, Donna wins best dressed, friendliest, funniest laugh, and most naive, Brandon and Andrea win most likely to succeed, David gets most talented, Dylan wins most handsome, and Tony Miller gets most athletic; Kelly gets upset that Dylan showed the first draft of his writing to Andrea even though it is dedicated to her; Brenda applies for the University of Minnesota; Brandon and Steve go to a Laker basketball game, Friday night at the Forum...Steve gets given seat GG35, and with that, the opportunity of winning $10,000 by sinking a half-court basket...he succeeds and donates the money to the Alvarado Street Summer Camp, where Andrea will be working as a counselor.

3.26 : She Came Through The Bathroom Window <credits>
Ginger, the Burt Reynold's Fan Club tour guide, arrives at The Peach Pit, and is greeted by Brandon and Steve. They find out that she has been scammed by her boss, Mr. Parnell, and has no money...this leads her to stealing Brandon's car; Steve and Dylan catch her, and use Brandon's car to look for Burt Reynolds...on their travels, the three of them become involved in a tooth commercial, and take leading roles; Later, they get arrested for driving what is still registered as a stolen car... Meanwhile, the girls go to an Amusement Park, The Six Flags Magic Mountain; Andrea gets over her fear of rollercoasters, Kelly's wallet is stolen and Donna is mugged, but the attacker gets caught.

3.27 : A Night To Remember <credits>
Brandon and Brenda find themsleves dateless for prom at the Belage Hotel where Kathy Dennis will be playing...Brandon asks Andrea, but she's going with Jordan - until he gets the flu...She then decides to go with Brandon and later end up in bed together...; Brenda goes with Tony Miller, Steve takes Celeste, and Dylan goes with Kelly - and are planning to go to The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco afterwards; Tony and David are denied sex with Brenda and Donna respectively after buying rooms for the night; A non alcohol/drug rule is enforced, and during the evening, Donna is caught drunk by Mrs. Tiesely - after everyone except Andrea drank champagne at Mel's home, 121 Doheney Palm.

3.28 : Something In The Air <credits>
Donna has to attend a disciplinary hearing regarding her activity at prom night, but Brandon and the school aren't going to let it pass Gil Meyers suggestion, they've planned a 'little distraction', which involves a mass demonstration in front of the school board, including Steve and Brenda - they succeed and the charges are dropped against Donna; Dylan considers attending Berkeley, and Brandon and Andrea discuss the possibility of sex; The Taylor house gets sold to The Brower family, which upsets David and Kelly.

3.29 : Commencement (Part 1) <credits>
Andrea tells Brandon about her feelings towards him; David and Kelly start packing to move out of their house; Brenda gets accepted to Minnesota University...Brandon firmly decides on California University, and Dylan says he will look into it too; Mrs. Tiesley finds out about Steve's generous donation to the school and Donna leads the Senior Breakfast. As the gang face Graduation they take time to look back on their most memorable moments - Karaoke at The Peach Pit, La Verne, Color Me Badd's arrival in town, a once 'geeky' David Silver, Brandon and Andrea's relationship, Kelly and Dylan in the pool together, the egg, Brenda and Kelly's double date with Wayne and Adam; Donna and Brenda's brain dinner in France, the gangs camping trip, Kelly and Brenda skydiving, Brandon's girlfriends, and Dylan and Brenda at a hotel together.

3.30 : Commencement (Part 2) <credits>
Memories looked back on are naked Bob and Trudy, Brandon's drunk driving, Brenda meeting Dylan, Steve's car stolen (license I8A4RE), Scott Scanlon, Dylan and Brenda fighting, Brenda living at Dylan's, Brandon and Brenda missing Minnesota, Kelly's dad, Donna's virginity, Dylan's book: Byron the Collected Works, and Brenda's pregnancy test; At the graduation, Kelly's dad turns up and Kelly decides to major in psychology; After deciding on Berkeley, Dylan asks Jim Walsh to reinstate the trust fund while he spends the summer in Europe with Kelly; Andrea gets the jitters about her valedictorian speech and decides to go on to Yale; Donna, Steve, Brandon, Kelly, and David have all decided on California University; On graduation night, the gang travel to Hollywood and change the famous Hollywood sign to 'W Bev Hi 93'.

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