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4.01 : So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen,
After the summer break, everyone prepares for university life; Steve has been accepted to California University, Andrea has had second thoughts about Yale and decides too on California Uni, because of her grandmother's ill health and the bonus of scholarship money. Steve hires a beach house in Mailbu for 2 weeks, where Brenda's leaving party is held; Dylan finds out about his rejection by Berkeley. Kelly returns from Europe, without Dylan, and decide with Donna and David that they want a beach appartment; Brandon meets Jill and becomes attracted to her as does Steve; Brenda moves into her room at Minnesota University, and feels like an outsider, even with her old friend Darla there.

4.02 : The Girl From New York City <credits>
Kelly, Donna and David move into the beach appartment; Brandon and Jill go with Steve and Celeste to Malibu...a game of tennis at the West Beach Racquetball Club causes a fight between the two guys, after which Brandon sleeps with Jill; Kelly makes up with Dylan after they both admit not sleeping with their respective flings in Paris; Andrea has trouble giving her grandmother insulin shots; Brenda's experience in Minnesota turns out to be an unhappy one when Darla keeps forcing her out of her room when she fools around with her boyfriend. She packs her bags and heads for the airport...

4.03 : The Little Fish <credits>
Registration Week at California University prove to be interesting; Steve and Brandon decide to join the Kappa Epsilon Gamma fraternity - Brenda's return to Beverly Hills ruins Brandon's house plans; Andrea finds out that journalism is not for her and meets her resident adviser Dan Rubin - her scholarship includes a computer, a large dorm room and a laser printer; Donna and David audition for the campus radio station and get the job...the hours are long, though - 6 days a week from 2am to 6am; Dylan decides to register to go to the University; Kelly gets into her psychology class; Steve decides to cheat on his math placement test, and manages to skip freshman and sophmore math; The College newspaper editor, Josh Richland, tells Brandon to try out for the Freshman Progressive Party

4.04 : Greek To Me <credits>
Brenda, Kelly, Donna and Andrea check out the sororities; At first, they all consider the Alpha Omega's, but Andrea is looked down upon for being Jewish and they all decide to make their own choices...Kelly and Donna eventually choose Alpha Omega, though; Steve invites everyone to the 'Disco Fever' Epsilon Gamma fraternity party, which is where he and Brandon are pledging; Brandon is asked to be the Freshman Representative for the Student Senate, but his ideas aren't utilised, so he quits; Kelly finds John Sears, a past love who she'd rather forget, but finds out that he has changed. Donna and David's experience with the late-night radio show gives them problems but eventually do an advice service which proves to be popular.

4.05 : Radio Daze <credits>
For the first day of classes, there is a huge pool party for the freshmen - Brandon cooks, and David and Brenda win the dance contest; Dylan catches Kelly and John Sears together, and pushes him into the pool; Brenda's finds a job - with her father, and fails to deliver some important contracts...; After wanting to quit the night-time radio show, Donna manages to get a day-time slot, which infuriates David...; Steve sleeps with Celeste, who later storms out of a pool party when Steve starts flirting with other girls; Andrea's English teacher, Dan Rubin, critisises her poetry in front of the class, although she is still attracted to him and is already planning a date.

4.06 : Strangers In The Night <credits>
David's late night radio show leads him to start taking caffeine pills and the mess he makes around the apartment upsets Kelly and Donna. Brenda's blind date with the son of one of her father's clients, 24 year old Stuart Carson - who owns a Mercedez SL, turns out to be an unexpected success; Kelly tells Dylan that they should start seeing other people, after her growing relationship with John Sears; Andrea loses her virginity to Dan. After Steve and Brandon play ping-pong, they go with Kelly and Dylan to do some car shopping...Dylan buys a new Porsche for $60,000, but later gets carjacked and held at gunpoint.

4.07 : Moving Targets <credits>
Dan asks Andrea to keep their sexual relationship a secret until they finally kiss in public; The Walshes go to Bel-Air for brunch with the Carsons, who give their approval of Brenda going out with Stuart; Professor Randall hires Brandon to start tutoring D'Shawn Hardell, a potential basketball star; After Dylan's Porsche fails to turn up at the Police Impound, he decides to rent a Jeep and has plans to buy a gun illegally after doing some target practice; Kelly continues to see John Sears whilst being upset with Mel's new girlfriend; Steve stays involved with the Frat; Erin is baby-sat by Donna and David who has to read 822 pages of Moby Dick.

4.08 : Twenty Years Ago Today <credits>
Brandon meets 27 year old Lucinda Nicholson in a gym, who is studying cultural anthropolgy A.B.D. Dylan buys an illegal Walter gun off of Gus, and nearly makes first use of it with Brandon, after he tries sneaking into his house to retrieve a puzzle of his parents wedding picture; Stuart proposes marriage to Brenda at her parents 20th wedding anniversary and she accepts...Steve brings Celeste and Kelly turns down John Sears as a date; Dan's non-belief in marriage leads Andrea into considers her future with him after meeting a young bartender, Jesse Vasquez; David and Donna baby-sit Erin after Mel heads for Mexico with his new girlfriend.

4.09 : Otherwise Engaged <credits>
Brenda finds out that Stuart wants her to sign a pre-nuptial agreement after sleeping together; Jim and Dylan's plan to cancel Brenda's wedding fails after Dylan attends the first thursday night poetry reading; After Steve cheats on Celeste by making love to a dancer, Laura Kingman, he starts to worry about John Sears' feeings towards Kelly; Brandon, who is still tutoring D'Shawn, is about to make love to Lucinda at her home on 322 Hope St....until he finds out she's married to Professor Randall...; Jackie attempts to sue Mel in order to get full custody of Erin - David attends court with his dad and sells him out...eventually David and Kelly fight which makes Donna upset and Kelly moves out...

4.10 : And Did It My Way <credits>
Brandon tutors D'Shawn, but has problems, so Professor Randall invites them to dinner with him and Lucinda; After David unsuccessfully proposes to Donna, he and Kelly propose a truce over their parents custody battle; Dylan tells Brandon of Stuart's drug dealing at Eve's Apple; Now engaged Brenda continues her relationship with Stuart...their parents disagree on the wedding so they go off to Las Vegas to get a $215 wedding until the gang breaks it off; Andrea gambles, and wins; After Andrea gives Steve's number to Laura, she calls him and gets hanged up on.

4.11 : Tack Back The Night <credits>
It's 'Take Back the Night Week' and David is covering the rally on KXCU Radio; After D'Shawn catches Lucinda flirting with Brandon at Professor Randall's dinner, he tries to blackmail Brandon with it by forcing him into taking his exam for him...Brandon then leaves town to go on a hunt to find past love, Emily Valentine; Steve tells Laura about his girlfriend who then goes off crying and accuses him of date-rape...this causes Celeste to break up with him and Kelly steps in to help the now shattered Steve; Kelly and John Sears break up; After helping Brenda study for her poetry exam, Dylan tries to fight Sears; Andrea disagrees with Dan on the issue of date rape.

4.12 : Radar Love <credits>
After Brandon meets Curtis's family in San Fransico, he finds the girl he was looking for - former love Emily Valentine; Andrea reveals her loss of virginity to Donna, and later, at Dan Rubin's Thanksgiving party, she comes across Jesse again and gives him her residence address - Martel Hall, Room 417, California University; Dylan tells Kelly he's going to Baja for Thanksgiving, but gets upset when she finds him at the Walshes Thanksgiving dinner with Brenda, David, Erin, and Jackie; Brenda gets involved with a campus play; Donna goes to Houston to visit her parents; After Sears attempts to pick up a 15 year old girl at the Downey house, Steve breaks it up which makes Sears upset.

4.13 : Emily (aka The Pink Pearl) <credits>
After a night together, Emily tells Brandon about her plans to go to the Cousteau Institute in France to study marine biology...she tells Brandon that she is too much in love with him to leave, but he eventually pursuades her to take up the opportunity; For Hell Week, Steve dresses up as a woman, which amuses David, but also breaks into Professor Randall's office to steal a Jackie Robinson baseball - and is caught by security; Kelly and Donna parade through the student union in pyjamas, cream, and shower caps; Andrea starts dating Jesse after breaking up with Dan; Brenda must take off her clothes and be naked in Hershel's play called 'Mask of the Mellincolin'.

4.14 : Windstruck <credits>
On David and Donna's anniversary, they go to Chinatown with Brenda, Kelly, Dylan, and Brandon; After dreaming of being on the Howard Stern show, Donna decides that she wants to make love to David...up until her parents walk in...; Professor Randall finds out about Brandon and Lucinda so he presses charges against Steve, who was set up...but Brandon's exposure of a grades scandal with D'Shawn forces Professor Randall to step down; Dan makes fun of Andrea's relationship with Jesse, who invites Andrea to his apartment in Westwood; Kelly and Dylan have a water fight with Sears at the sorority car wash.

4.15 : Somewhere In The World It's Christmas <credits>
As Dylan prepares to go to Baja, a woman and her daughter turn up on his doorstep...they introduce themselves as Suzanne and Erica Steel and claim to be a former wife and daughter of Jack McKay...; Steve cheers up homeless children at The Peach Pit by handing out presents as Santa Claus; Brenda, Brandon, Jim, and Cindy plan a holiday in Hawaii but it ends in dramatic fashion when the plane experiences landing gear problems which forces them back to L.A.; Brandon admits to being Presbytarian and Andrea attends midnight mass with Jesse at a Catholic Church; At Donna's birthday, David wants to break up because she is adamant about keeping her virginity; Mel fixes Kelly's cavity; The gang recalls flashbacks of events from the past.

4.16 : Crunch Time <credits>
It's finals week and Brenda is studying hard; After taking Erica to Magic Mountain, Dylan loans Suzanne $5,000 but she won't give Jim her Social Security Number to check her background...; David secretly takes crystal meth from Howard to study and do the radio show, and Kelly suspects that he's up to something...; Steve's fraternity votes out Sears with 'The Test' when they find out that he set Steve up; After Brandon gets Professor Randall to drop the charges on Steve, he finds out that D'Shawn broke his knee at a game, but he eventually gets a C on his sociology final; Dan Rubin moves out of Andrea's dorm; Donna offers to sleep with David to get back with him, but she is denied.

4.17 : Thicker Than Water <credits>
Steve, Donna, Brandon and Brenda go skiing up in Big Bear where Donna meets Chad, who is attracted to her, but he realises her strong love for David; Andrea takes an AIDS test and finds out she's pregnant; Kelly accuses David of taking drugs...after he runs out of crystal meth, he steals codeine sulfate from his dad's office...later, whilst he baby-sits Erin, he falls asleep and she wanders off, but luckily gets recovered by the LAPD; After Dylan tries to teach Erica to surf and swim, she gets her period; Jim tells Dylan that Suzanne actually has $25,000 in her bank account.

4.18 : Heart Breaker <credits>
Dylan gets Suzanne a job at The Peach Pit as a waitress; After considering an abortion, Andrea tells Jesse about her pregnancy, which he reacts positively to; Nat has a heart attack but is saved by Dylan's CPR...the event means that he has to have bypass surgery...Nat's cousin owns 50% of the Peach Pit and suggests selling it, so Brandon and the gang step in to run it; Brenda helps her mum fit in at C.U.; After taking speed and seeing a psychiatrist, David decides to get back with Donna; Kelly and Donna try Yoga; Steve covers for David at the radio station, but does a bad job; Brandon is chosen to be the C.U. representitive for the Task Force.

4.19 : Labors Of Love <credits>
Dylan buys 50% of the Peach Pit for $75,000 off of Nat's cousin; Andrea wants an abortion but decides instead to have the baby and also to marry Jesse. David gets fired from the radio station and manages to find a new drug source, causing Donna and Kelly to move in with Dylan; After Brenda, Kelly, Andrea, and Donna enroll in Lucinda's Power of Feminism class, Brandon hears of Lucinda's divorce so he goes to her house and they kiss; Steve starts working at the Peach Pit with Suzanne.

4.20 : Scared Very Straight <credits>
After stealing $150 from his dad and befriending Jack Dornan the druggie, David keeps drugs at his appartment, but with support from Dylan, he flushes them down the toilet shortly before the police enter the place, using a search warrant; Brandon has sex with Lucinda and Steve wants out of the KEG house due to the excessive drinking of many of its members; After Andrea and Jesse get married at city hall, they have a reception at the Peach Pit where Stuart suprises Brenda on Valentine's Day; Donna gets worried about David whilst Kelly is sleeping with Dylan.

4.21 : Addicted To Love <credits>
After being with Lucinda, Brandon attends the Task Force dinner with Kelly, where Josh Richland is suspicious about his sex life...he investigates the matter, and so interviews Andrea, D'Shawn Hardell, Steve and Donna; David rents a piano and Kelly to move back in with him; Whilst en-route to Palm Springs, Brenda manages to lock Stuart's car keys inside his Range Rover...Stuart lashes out at her, which causes her to break up with him; Steve moves into Andrea's dorm but Kathy Fisher the R.A. catches him with a copy of Playboy; After considering granting money to Lucinda for her film, Dylan picks up Brenda in Palm Springs making Kelly jealous...although her friendship with Brandon grows closer because of it.

4.22 : Change Partners <credits>
Kelly goes to the Task Force Camp with Brandon...there, they kiss, and also meet Claire Arnold, the chancellor's daughter, who becomes interested in Brandon...After being with Lucinda, Brandon gets upset when Josh wants to interview him; Lucinda wants Dylan to fund her project so she makes a play on him and they kiss, making Dylan upset; After Andrea catches Muntz making out in her dorm room, she is about to kick Steve out until Andrea walks in on him and Kathy Fisher, the R.A., both naked in her bed; Brenda and Donna find Rocky, a EKG tested dog from Andrea's medical lab; David continues with playing his rented piano.

4.23 : A Pig Is A Boy Is A Dog <credits>
Donna keeps Rocky, and joins an animal-rights group with Brenda, who has now turned vegetarian...her part in destroying a lab at the Dyer Science Center gets her arrested; David finally tells Donna that Rocky has cancer and he dies; Andrea and Jesse look for baby names; Steve and Brandon practice for their father/son golf tournament; Brandon tells Kelly, Brenda, and Dylan about her relationship with Lucinda; Josh Richland tries to dig up more dirt on Brandon; After finding out that Brandon kissed Kelly, Dylan tries to hit him but ends up hitting Steve after Brandon ducks his shot; Dylan decides on not funding Lucinda's film; [At the end of this episode, Tori Spelling thanks the audience and 90210 crew for the making of this 100th episode].

4.24 : Cuffs And Links <credits>
Josh Richland threatens to run an article on Brandon and Lucinda's sex life until he admits faults of his own...This leads Brandon into considering backing him for ASB President; Brenda goes to jail on March 16th, 1994 with a $50,000 bail amount...Kelly gets upset for Dylan helping Brenda all the time; Steve and his 54 year old dad Rush, beat Barry Bonds and his dad in a golf tournament after Rush cheats; After cleaning up the destroyed lab, Andrea and David give Donna a new puppy - named Rocky 2; Brenda is released from jail; Donna drives her around in her new tan BMW, license plate 2lBA333.

4.25 : The Time Has Come Today <credits>
It's spring break and the gang wants to go to Mammoth but instead decide on Palm Springs...all go, except Brenda who finds a diary in her window seat - which belonged to Wendy Edwards back in 1968; As she reads it she puts her friends in as characters in the diary - she imagines Andrea as a hippy, Steve as Ronnie, and Dylan as Peter Brinkley, who is against the war...David is Seth who wants sex from Mary Anne Bailey, played by Donna, and he gets it...Brandon plays Wendy's brother Will who dies in the Vietnam war and Kelly plays Michelle who overdoses on LSD in 1971; The diary includes the numbers 134, 10, 66 and 72 which Brenda finds out to be the roads to Woodstock after she tracks down and meets the real Wendy.

4.26 : Blind Spot <credits>
After Brandon's car breaks down by The Equator - a gay coffee house - on the way to the opening day Dodger game, he and Steve find fraternity president Mike Ryan there...Steve decides to tell Artie Devers, and Mike is wanted out or the group...until Steve gets him back in; Kelly, Donna, Brenda and Andrea do a photo shoot for the Alpha House calendar with Brandon, Steve, Dylan, David, Mike, and D'Shawn all posing for it; After struggling with Mozart, David has piano lessons with blind Holly Marlow...Their attraction makes Donna jealous so she goes out bowling with D'Shawn to get even.

4.27 : Divas <credits>
Brenda and Laura Kingman try out for the lead Maggie in the play, 'Cat on the Tin Roof'...Steve helps Laura rehearse and plays Gameboy; Kelly trys out for May but the director, Roy Randolph, makes her try out for the lead - Brenda gets mad when Kelly gets asked for a call back; Dylan meets Suzanne's boyfriend, Kevin Webber, the environmental scientist from Orange County; With Jim and Cindy gone to Palm Desert, Claire pusues Brandon and they kiss...She handcuffs herself to his bed in black lingerie, but Brandon just leaves her there, so she happily dreams about him with her; David and Donna bring Andrea some of Jackie's pregnancy clothes, but a problem arises - they don't fit.

4.28 : Acting Out <credits>
After getting "The Method" by Lee Strossberg from David and Donna, Kelly drops out of the play and Brenda exits the final auditions and goes to Roy's house for a second chance; Brandon takes Claire to prom night and gets punched in room 308 of the hotel party...Claire becomes suicidal; After Jesse leaves for San Francisco, Andrea goes into false labour - Donna reminds her of her marriage, loss of virginity, and her many boyfriends, which makes Andrea upset; Dylan and Kevin discuss the bay clean up plan; Brandon catches Steve and Laura kissing while rehearsing.

4.29 : Truth And Consequences <credits>
David and Donna teach Rocky 2 frisbee catching; Brenda gets accused of having sex with Roy after getting the lead in the play, and Kelly and the gang get involved with it...the pressure forces Brenda to admit it; Suzanne and Kevin announce their engagement; Kevin shows Dylan his clean-up plans of bio-remediation which are underfunded, and so quits his chemical job; Steve finds a suicide note from Laura so he and Brenda save her; Andrea is told by doctors to stay inside and rest; Claire plans the trip to Berkley with Brandon for the Task Force Keno speech, but Brandon is still annoyed at her.

4.30 : Vital Signs <credits>
Dylan decides to fund the project of Cal Poly graduate, Kevin; Brandon finds his name off the D.C. trip list, but he is told that he's in...; Steve loves Brenda's performance and all goes well since Laura is now gone; As entertainment chairman of the C.U. carnival, Donna is recommended to book Babyface by David...he meets publicist Ariel Hunter, who sets him up with Carlos, Lenny, and P.K. - a drug band - that he eventually turns down; After nightmares, Andrea's water breaks and her unborn premature baby is in trouble...; Kelly becomes jealous of Suzanne, Erica, and Brenda, so she and Dylan break up.

4.31 : Mr. Walsh Goes To Washington (Part 1) <credits>
At the 28th Annual Marti Gras C.U. Spring Carnival, Ariel and David prepare for the bands, who are supporting the California Camp General Fund, which makes Donna jealous; Brandon goes to Washington D.C. and stays on floor 9, room 922, where Claire and Lucinda both want to be with him; Kelly tells Andrea that she wants to visit Brandon in Washington D.C....Andrea, meanwhile, has a C-section birth to a 2.5 pound baby girl who she names Hannah (which means 'Hope'); Steve helps the KEG brothers in 'Mud the Final Frontier' where he is beaten by John Sears - who is now with Celeste; Dylan goes to Kevin's wedding at the Montecito while Jim plans his investment; Roy offers Brenda a place at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London.

4.32 : Mr. Walsh Goes To Washington (Part 2) <credits>
Jesse postpones his courtship in San Francisco to see Judge Minor because of his baby Hannah's health...Andrea is ready to go home without the baby; Steve wins in the mud pit when Brenda, Donna, and Celeste 'show themselves'; Kelly visits Brandon in Washington D.C. where he shakes hands with Bill Clinton - after switching rooms on Lucinda and Claire; Donna stops David and Ariel during sex in a Limo after his musical performance with Kenny Edwards and Babyface...Donna then kicks him out of the appartment; With her departure to London for the summer in a week's time, Brenda kisses Dylan...who finds out that he has been fired by Jim - Kevin, meanwhile, steals Dylan's money from the Independence Bank after taking Suzanne and Erica to Brazil...Erica writes a 'lost' note with Dylan's address - 4566 Rose Wood Drive.

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