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5.01 : What I Did On My Summer Vacation and Other Stories
Dylan returns from Baja drunk and broke; Donna gets back from Texas and finds that she isn't over David...she makes up with Kelly - who went to Minnesota with a 'now bearded' Brandon; Brenda has decided to stay in London; Andrea brings home Hannah; Steve is back from Hawaii with Howie Long...he got dumped by Celeste and now yearns for Kelly again; After breaking up with Ariel, David gets a new car and dormitory...he spends time making a video for Mr. Langberg's TV Production 201 class; Valerie Malone from Buffalo moves into Brenda's room after her dad Victor commits suicide...she appears sweet and friendly, and Steve becomes attracted to her, although she is found to be smoking pot.

5.02 : Under The Influence
The gang - including Claire and excluding Dylan - register to return to California University for another year; Andrea has a baby shower and decides not to put Hannah in the University's daycare center; David avoids Donna; Steve's dad Rush sponsors a $2500 table at Donna's Fall Banquet where she does a Texas Dip and is escorted by Texan Travis Farnham; Steve takes Valerie to registration; Kelly convinces Donna not to drop out for a semester over Houston; After Cindy buys Valerie new clothes, she shows Brandon how she looks in lace...; Dylan wants his $8 million back and gets drunk at a banquet while yelling at Kelly - who has chosen Brandon over him; Dylan later makes love to Eberlee at 818-555-4201; Brandon shaves off his goatee, joins the paper, and runs for office with Richland.

5.03 : A Clean Slate
Val discovers that Dylan is rich...She finds him drinking at a pool hall and has sex with him behind Steve's back; Dylan meanwhile gets upset that Val has become the new Walsh family member; Steve is made Brandon's campaign manager; Andrea attends "Meet the Candidates" debate at 8pm...The Independent Party of Brandon and Josh are threatened by Alex Diaz with the story of Brandon cheating for D'Shawn...until D'Shawn testifies that it is false; David videotapes the election with CUTV; Kelly and Donna's new roommate, Claire, cures her snoring problem by getting an inflatable Mr. Man; After Steve and Kelly count the votes, Brandon wins as V.P. and soon after, Josh Richland dies when a truck smashes into his car, license 2BRI584.

5.04 : Life After Death
Brandon speaks at Josh's funeral and copes with his death after meeting Gloria Richland, Josh's sister; Alex Diaz wants to challenge Brandon's presidency; Dylan and Val talk about their father's deaths and continue to have sex behind Steve's back; Since Claire is a double major in French Literature and Physics with a minor in communications, David asks her to help produce a TV show, which makes Donna upset; After painting a wall with Claire at the appartment, Donna meets Griffin Stone, a junior at C.U.; Andrea takes care of Hannah; Kelly helps Steve set up his frat party: "Party Til You Puke," and is later saved by Brandon after campus security shows up.

5.05 : Rave On
Steve's opens the Peach Pit After Dark Rave with 353 people attending at $10 each...Dylan is accused of stealing money there; Kelly thinks Val smokes pot and catches her with Dylan...; Brandon defends Val after dating Steve; Donna interviews Ray Pruit for Claire's himbo video while David does a bimbo video; Andrea catches Jesse flirting at Doheney's while Jim and Cindy watch Hannah; After drinking and making love, Dylan reveals to Val that his money was stolen...; Griffin becomes jealous of Ray when he dances with Donna.

5.06 : Homecoming
Brandon gets the liver cancer patient, President Ferdinand Quintero from Selanasia, to resign due to his indirect torture to Mawn Yoto, a gardener at CU; Andrea meets medical student Peter from UCLA at the laundry mat, 555-9212; Jesse makes up for his flirting with dinner; Afer sex, Val catches Dylan with another girl...; Donna and Ray go to his family's pumpkin patch where they kiss...; Kelly, Val and Griffin help Steve steal Bruno, the 10ft tall, 250lb grizzly bear mascot from SCU, since it is the homecoming rival match legacy of 1964; David and Claire attend the celebration of dressing the SCU mascot in CU clothing.

5.07 : Who's Zoomin' Who?
The After Dark gets shut down for over-capacity by the fire marshall...The rug store next door is for lease at $150,000; David handcuffs himself to Claire's bed in the beach appartment at 1610 Lighthouse Rd...Chancellor Arnold walks in so she leaves David there overnight; Val tells the Walshes about Dylan's money problem...Jim gets a fax that Dylan took an equity loan on his house; Kelly gets upset over Erin and Jackie working at the SBG Modeling Agency; Griffin takes Donna to Catalina, making Ray smash her pumpkins...Donna later gets mad at Griffin for wanting sex, so she makes up with Ray; Steve punches out Dylan after finding Val at his house.

5.08 : Things That Go Bang In The Night
Val wants to leave to Buffalo to see Kurt and Suzie, and also her mum Abby - who has enrolled in a clinic; Brandon pursuades Val to stay while also trying to help Dylan, who starts doing heavy drugs and messing about with his gun; Andrea tells Jesse that Hannah can't be both Jewish and Catholic; At a Halloween party, Kelly gets Donna to break it off with Griffin; Rays accepts that Donna does not want sex; Steve's hand is bandaged from punching Dylan and he forgives Val; David and Claire have sex for the first time in a desert in Barstow while looking for UFO's.

5.09 : Intervention
Val gets upset over Dylan drunk and drugged...Dylan's meeting with Andrea, Donna, Brandon, Nat, Jim, Cindy, Steve, Kelly, and David with Alcoholism Counselour Ellen Marks at Casa Walsh gets him to go to rehab for one night...He gets out and goes back to drinking, cocaine and heroin - and soon crashes his Porsche off an embankment; Ray goes to dinner at Donna's with her parents...Ray's mum LuAnn approves of her; Kelly looks towards getting a deal with 17 magazine; Claire and David film themselves having sex, and Donna's dad accidentally aquires, and watches it.

5.10 : The Dreams Of Dylan McKay
Dylan goes into hospital with closed head trauma while unconscious and on life support...He dreams of Mrs. Tiesley, Suzanne, Kevin, Erica, his drug dealer, a bum, the Walshes, Jack, marrying Kelly, being Val's sister, his old lovers, and french kissing Donna and Claire; Miss Young saves him and he wakes in front of his mother, Iris; Brandon and Steve make it to the finals of the 4 day tournament '94 flag football...Kelly is the water girl and is still in love with Dylan; Steve wants Rush to buy the After Dark; Claire and David do a football video essay; Val is caught smoking by Jim and Cindy; Andrea visits Dylan.

5.11 : Hate Is Just a Four Letter Word
For Ray's 25th birthday, Donna gets him a guitar; Andrea, David, Claire and other members of the Jewish religion protest against an anti-Semitic speaker, Roland Turner, speaking at California University for $10,000 - which puts Brandon in a difficult position; Valerie tells Dylan's drug dealer that he is in hospital...he then goes there and threatens Dylan; Brandon misses Steve's 1994 football tournament finals, and they lose; Kelly's photo-shoot for 17 magazine is interrupted by a bomb scare and has to be rescheduled.

5.12 : Rock Of Ages (aka The Voodoo That You Do So Well)
The Rolling Stones are coming to the Voodoo Lounge Show in the Rosebowl, but the show is sold out. Brandon gets 2 tickets, and goes with Andrea, after wining his court case over his Presidency; Ray and Donna dress up as vendors and get into the show; Claire and David get free tickets from Mel; Steve gets invited by Claudette Wells, the VIP organisation representative for the show. Kelly gets her pictures back from her 17 magazine photo shoot and gets a free pass to the VIP lounge with Steve. Valerie catches Jim and Cindy about to have sex whilst listening to a Rolling Stones CD. Dylan gets out of hospital and goes into rehab, where he meets Charlie.

5.13 : Up In Flames
Emily Valentine arrives back in L.A. and meets up with Brandon - and they kiss, which makes Kelly jealous...Meanwhile, she goes to visit Dylan in hospital; Andrea and Jesse ask Jim and Cindy to babysit Hannah; Donna gets Ray to play at Steve and Griffin's Holiday Rave...David and Claire accidentally advertise the rave in a lesbian online chat room, and a bunch of them turn up. A fuse box blows and a fire starts at the rave...Ray saves Valerie and Steve, whilst Kelly is stuck with one of the lesbian guests down in the basement...

5.14 : Injustice For All
Kelly gets the right side of her body burnt and quits modelling; Andrea and Jesse have a Hannakuh party; Emily leaves L.A., but not before making up with Kelly over Brandon - who is guilty about not being with Kelly when she was in the fire-ridden rave; Steve and Griffin go to court...Valerie offers to lie, but they both end up with 100 hours of community service and Steve has to wait 2 years to start up The Peach Pit After Dark. Donna finds out about Ray's temper over his mum's alcohol problem. Dylan checks out of rehab and gets a letter from Erica...

5.15 : Christmas Comes This Time Each Year
Dylan sends a bounty hunter, J.J. Jones, to look for his money - and remains hopeful of getting back both that and Erica; Donna's mum isn't too happy about her daughter's growing relationship with Ray - she tries bribery as she offers Ray a check for $10,000 to break up with her; Brandon helps Kelly recover...both physically and emotionally. Andrea and Jesse try to work out their religious conflicts with respect to their 6 month old daughter - the three go to midnight mass and Jesse blames Hannah's crying on Andrea's uneasiness about Christmas.

5.16 : Sentenced To Life
In Finals Week, Claire, David and Donna do a TV review of The Peach Pit After Dark under construcation. Steve's 100 hours of community service begins, where he befriends Sol, and old actor from Hartley House, and admits to hating his father. Andrea runs into Peter again, and Andrea's feelings for him don't back down. Kelly's hatred of Valerie comes out - who has just visited Jamaica instead of her mum. Ray gets stage fright about performing at the forthcoming After Dark opening, and refuses to do it; Hannah gets rushed into hospital for an illness; Jesse gets Dylan a lawyer, who manages to get him 1 year probation and 2 months suspended license.

5.17 : Sweating It Out
Dylan takes Brandon on a cycle trip to Lake Whitney...and lets him know that he is still angry about him and Kelly - they end up at a Sweat Lodge with an Indian tribe; Kelly and Valerie attend Professor Kinley's workshop. Steve makes up with his father, Rush, after his father starts running The Peach Pit After Dark - at the opening night, Donna gets Ray over his stage fright and he performs...Jesse and Andrea give up a night together to attend, while David and Claire try to keep things under control; Valerie has her eye on Ray and Joan Z tells Dylan that he has his $8 million.

5.18 : Hazardous To Your Health
For the semester break, Dylan and Valerie meet up with J.J. Jones in Punta Brava, Brazil, where they get back Erica and Dylan's $8 million from the Cavandish's. Andrea makes the Dean's list; David and Claire squabble over the theme of The Peach Pit After Dark...David wants it as a hip-hop club, while Claire prefers it to be alternative rock. Steve signs up for lazy classes; After Brandon and Kelly's night together, she gets worried as Brandon attempts to deal with the dispute of settling Professor Finley's allegations. Donna and Ray review his taped performance at The After Dark's opening night.

5.19 : Little Monsters
Valerie manages to squeeze $10,000 out of Dylan for helping him recover his money and buys a $965 dress...but she's not happy with that, so goes to get some more off of the other 'aid', J.J. Jones, which succeeds again, and she buys an Acura NSX. Dylan has returned from Hawaii with Erica - who now lives with Iris - and asks Jim to be his business manager. Firestorm Music want Ray, but he declines to their rep, Ariel Hunter, who Steve wants; Jesse goes on interviews in San Francisco, and Andrea and Peter kiss. Brandon impresses Kelly by defending Professor Finley, who gets fired from the Condor; Claire and David notice Rays bitchy attitude.

5.20 : You Gotta Have Heart
Valerie moves out of the Walshes house, and into Ray's after flirting with him. For Valentine's Day, Brandon and Donna kiss, and Valerie goes into a luxury hotel with Ray...; Claire and David put on a telethon Valentine's Day show for the Pediatric Heart Fund at The After Dark, where Ray performs along with Jade who Steve booked; Andrea's fantasies about Peter don't help when she visits him...and his wife. Dylan and Nat worry about Kelly getting brainwashed by Professor Finley making Brandon say goodbye to her.

5.21 : Stormy Weather
After Ray and Valerie's fling, Ray feels guilty about his behaviour and tries to avoid her, until she starts to threaten him...; Claire slams Kelly's beliefs...Dylan and Brandon form a plan and set up Professor Finley, who admits that The New Evolution Cult scams people out of their money...this leads Kelly into quitting the cult. At one of their weddings, Dylan worries that an old man has 'bought' a college-age girl. The Valerie/Donna/Ray love triangle heats up. Andrea gets a part-time job at Peter's hospital.

5.22 : Alone At The Top
Claire and David decide they want new talent at The After Dark...; Valerie gets turned down by Ray, so she buys the After Dark from Rush, which makes Steve upset - this drives Ray's band out of town which makes Donna upset. Valerie asks Dylan to be hers, but he still longs for Kelly. A series of burglaries hits California University, and Brandon is the one to deal with it and reluctantly does so. Later, a rape on campus pushes student Amy out...Kelly becomes scared over the events, and David's friend Lenny becomes a suspect. Peter rents a motel room for him and Andrea.

5.23 : Love Hurts
Donna blames David for Ray's departure, which leaves Claire and Valerie searching for new talent...they finally get The Flaming Lips. The campus rapist, Garret Slan ends up in the beach appartment in order to rape Claire...Donna shows up instead and is threatend - until David shows up. While helping Charlie write a screenplay, Dylan catches Peter and Andrea at the hotel...; Brandon helps out Lenny, the wrongly suspected campus rapist; Jesse and Andrea fight, which leads Andrea into breaking things off with Peter. Mel and Jackie start dating again.

5.24 : Unreal World
When the actor's for David and Claire's video 'Real Life' pull out, they resort to using Brandon, Kelly, Steve and Donna, who are asked to portray people very different to themselves...Dylan and Charlie start to write a screenplay; David and Claire break up after she becomes jealous of him kissing Donna; Steve decides to make a move on Donna after finding out that Celeste is engaged; Andrea learns about Jesse's unfaithfulness...and tries to tell him of her own. Valerie moves back into the Walsh House...after her and Dylan's night of passion, she throws a showbiz party at the After Dark

5.25 : Double Jeopardy
Brandon and Claire contest the California University entry for Jeopardy...but a late entry from Andrea gets her chosen, and she turns out to be the eventual winner; Steve holds a grudge match of Jeopardy between Brandon and Claire. Jesse and Andrea's marriage hits very rocky ground, with Andrea wanting a divorce, so Jesse moves in with Dylan, who is still working on his screenplay; Claire has an eye on Brandon, whilst David longs for Donna again...; Ray invites Donna to Portland.

5.26 : A Song For My Mother
Dylan tries out hypnosis in order to get research for his script; Valerie gets some tattoo's...a fake one on her left breast, and a real one of a daisy on her back; David and Donna go to Portland...Donna is going to see Ray, but after arriving, Ray gets abusive towards her when he finds out that David came along to visit his now homeless mother; Andrea, Steve, Brandon and Kelly did not appear in this episode.

5.27 : Squash It!
Dylan continues his hypnotic treatment, and gets hypnotised by Molly; Valerie becomes desperate for a decent act at The Peach Pit After Dark, when customers start walking out, and decides to visit Ray in Reno, Nevada...meanwhile, Steve books David in to perform, with Willie the cook's nephew, Juhan the gangster; Brandon gets into conflict with a 1,600 SAT score student - who pokes Kelly's butt - and has to persuade him to attend California University; Valerie books in The Bloody Roos, who break up David's act using violence; Andrea's marriage recovers, David and Claire get back together, whilst Donna misses Ray.

5.28 : Girls On The Side
Kelly's appearance on the cover of 'Seventeen' thrills everyone, but herself - she is worried that her burns will prevent her from progressing in modelling. Kelly goes to visit Allison again, who is in a burn clinic...however, she says that she doesn't want to see her - Kelly later learns that it is because she loves her...when Allison rings, however, Kelly guilt dissipates and she goes back to modelling. Ray returns and agrees to play at the After Dark; there, Ray's mother gers drunk and David and Claire cart her home, where she mumbles about Ray's affair with Valerie...; Jesse has an offer to go to Idaho, but rejects it because of the lack of medical schools for Andrea.

5.29 : The Real McKay
Jesse gets an offer to teach at Yale's law school, but won't go unless Andrea does. Jim Walsh worries about his future in his job; Steve goes with Kelly to New York to see modelling agencies.; Brandon's gets interviewed by Walter Chen, with Claire as his stage manager, but it ultimately proves to be unsuccessful as a last minute sway in opinion gives Alex Diaz the win; Donna takes Ray bowling; Dylan continues with his hypnotherapy, and decides that Kelly is his soulmate and kisses her...; David, Donna, Andrea, and Jesse attend Brandon's party at The After Dark.

5.30 : Hello Life, Goodbye Beverly Hills
Jim's future in his job is revealed - a 2 and a half wage increase...if he moves to Hong Kong. Both he and Cindy agree, and they put their house on the market. It's Final's Week, and Andrea writes Steve's final paper, after which her and Jesse pack for Yale...Claire and David help to make Andrea's going-away party at West Beverly High School a success; Donna spends very little time with Ray, which makes him angry; Dylan plans a round-the-world trip with Kelly, but she's not sure if she wants to go - and in an attempt to win back Kelly, Brandon proposes to her, but she denies that as well; Valerie tells Brandon to give up on Kelly.

5.31 : P.S. I Love You (Part 1)
It's coming up to the KEG - ALPHA convention in Palm Springs...Steve arrives there, and finds that his dad has fixed him up with a girl called Robin...but when he finds out it involves a deal with his father, he storms off; Allison admits that she loves Kelly, but Kelly says she loves her as a friend. Dylan gets an offer to make his movie, but when Charlie finds that it is being funded by Mr. Rose, they turn it down; Brandon lets his true feelings out about the departure of his parents to Hong Kong...meanshile, the Walsh House is up for sale by Sun Hills Realtors; Ray tells Donna that he needs her back.

5.32 : P.S. I Love You (Part 2)
Claire and David meet the gang in Palm Springs at the Marriot's Ranch Las Palma's resort. Unbeknownst to Steve, his 'Goddess in the Caddy' is actually a man. Kelly wants Brandon back, but he's hurt by her marriage rejection...later, he accuses her of being a lesbian, and gets off with Valerie after being in jail for possesion of pot; Valerie witnesses Ray pushing Donna down some steps and spraining her arm; Whilst working on his movie script, Dylan gets threatened at The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway for calling an FBI agent about information on Mr. Rose, who knows of his father's death.

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