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6.01 : Home Is Where The Tart Is (Part 1 of 2)
Brandon is back from reporting in Boston, at the Herald, and receives a new Mustang from Jim; Kelly gets on her flight home from modeling in New York and kisses Colin Robins on the plane, who is an artist moving to Venice, California; After summer school, Steve throws a party to trash the Walsh house since it has been put into escrow; After breaking up with Claire and working at the Greek Theatre, David gets a penthouse from his father; Donna has a party with Ray on her dads yacht; Val's friend, Ginger Lamonica from Buffalo, arrives in town, and becomes attracted to Brandon, who she kisses. Dylan finds from inmate Ben that Andy Marchette killed his father, Jack, and finds clues in a storage facility.

6.02 : Buffalo Gals (Part 2 of 2)
It is Kelly's 21st birthday and David has booked a party for her at the Greek Theatre; Brandon fixes his house after Steve gets the furniture back from McClure Warehouse storage; Dylan finds Andy Marchette and Marchette Financing...; Val's friend Ginger steals $200 from Brandon and a watch from Steve; Ray goes to Searlight, Nevada after being accused of stealing a ring on Dr. Martin's boat...Donna sticks up for Ray even after the ring is found in Ray's jacket at Casa Walsh...Ray's name is finally cleared when during Val and Ginger's scam, Ginger makes a fault; Drunk Donna asks Ray to make love to her, but he declines due to her condition; Claire is happy that Ginger has left for Maui; After failing to attend Kelly's party, Colin gives her a painting.

6.03 : Must Be a Guy Thing
Steve wants a 4 day weekend but Mr. Bardwell makes him take remedial math 5 days a week with Claire as his tutor; Donna gets Jerry Korman from Jolt Records to watch Ray debut at the After Dark...Colin and Kelly attend and leave early to spend the night together; Since being aquainted with him from a meeting in Europe, Val gets Colin to start a mural at the After Dark; Dylan dates Toni Marchette and they kiss...; David moves his mum into an appartment; Brandon tries out for the Condor and Susan Keats gives him a $50 one column a week deal.

6.04 : Everything's Coming Up Roses
The Tournament of Roses for the 107th Annual Rose Parade is drawing near...Donna enters as number 675, Kelly as 677, Claire as 678, and Val as 670; Claire tutors Steve; Dylan begins to fall for Toni; Steve and Claire find each other as Tenderheart and Cuddles in an online chat; Brandon and Susan cover the tournament and finally kiss; David's mum attempts to commit suicide; Ray plays at Jessica's birthday party - the daughter of the Jolt Records owner...Kelly gets upset when Colin arrives at the ball with Val and at which David takes Kelly, Ray goes with Donna, Brandon arrives with Susan and Steve takes Claire.

6.05 : Lover's Leap
Toni has a dinner party with Dylan - Steve goes with Claire, Brandon takes Susan, and Colin arrives with Kelly...Donna shows up without Ray because of the traffic; Steve and Claire kiss for the first time...; Kelly and Colin make love; Donna solves the 'mouse problem' at The Peach Pit; David convinces his mum to undergo electric shock treatment after Val takes him to suicide cliffs...Val has nightmares of her father's suicide, but David helps her in her dream.

6.06 : Speechless
Donna, Claire, Kelly, and Val plan a road trip to Elysia Springs but Claire's Volvo breaks down en-route, so a nun takes them to her convent...Donna breaks up with Ray after hearing from Val that she kissed David and slept with Ray twice; Colin kisses his art dealer, Claudia Van Eyck, behind Kelly's back; With David and Ray's help, Steve rents Casa Walsh for $1200/day for a pornography movie called "Topless Pizza Party 3"... Steve gets a part as the pizza boy but Brandon cancels the flick when Sue disapproves; Dylan and Toni's dad pull guns on each other since he doesn't want his daughter Toni involved with Dylan...he finds out that Tony was involved with the Palm Springs gondola.

6.07 : Violated
Val is sexually harassed by Professor Haywood...She later turns him in so he gives her a D on her marketing paper; Toni's dad, Tony, abandons her after she decides to stay with Dylan; David helps Val cope with Professor Haywood; Steve and Claire get a hotel for sex, but Claire is turned off by Steve's handcuffs even though he thought they were hers...; Donna is upset about Ray canceling his recording sessions and later has a Rose Parade interview with the theme: "kids, laughter, and dreams." Brandon tells Steve of his first time with Susan; Kelly breaks up with Colin since Claudia has arrived in town for his first Art Opening.

6.08 : Gypsies, Cramps And Fleas
Its Halloween and The Crafts play at the After Dark where Donna dances with Joe Bradley making Ray jealous so they fight. While living with Dylan, Toni finds his gun and a black kitten. They both decide to move to Hawaii. Brandon learns of Jonathon Caston, Susan's old boyrfriend from last years editor of the Condor. Val wants Colin, but he wants Kelly back after finishing "Kelly's New York" mural. David meets Madame Raven, a fortuneteller who sells him love potion for Val, but Steve and Claire take it accidentally and have pre-marital sex.

6.09 : Earthquake Weather
After planning a move to Hawaii, Toni accepts Dylan's marriage proposal making Kelly jealous; Tony Marchette hires a hitman for Dylan...; Donna makes it to the finals of the Rose Court, of which the theme is now "kids, hopes, and dreams."; Donna is upset to find her mum in the court of 1969; Ray gets Doreen Philips, a therapist from 14920 Pico Medical Center; Donna catches a glimpse of Joe Bradley - and likes him; Claire wants sex from Steve - who plays pinball; Brandon and Susan deliver Ellen Marks' baby boy, Brandon, in an elevator during a 6.2 earthquake, of which Colin was scared of; David wants sex with Val; The gang helps Nat at the overcrowded Peach Pit after the quake.

6.10 : One Wedding And a Funeral
Kelly, Donna, Susan, Claire and Val throw Toni a bachelorette party with cigars, strippers, and alcohol...Steve, David, and Brandon throw Dylan a bachelor party with cards and alcohol; Brenda sends a love letter to Dylan and Jim and Cindy send their best wishes; Ray threatens Donna to make her life miserable; Dylan Michael McKay and Toni Elizabeth Marchette get married in private with Brandon as the best man; Donna catches the bouquet; Joe and Colin join the gang at the reception; Tony Marchette disapproves of the wedding of his daughter so the hired hitmen move in...they shoot and accidentally kill Toni instead of Dylan...Brandon drives Dylan in his mustang license 3ABM209 to the bloody scene - Dylan then leaves town to parts unknown, with his cat "Trouble."

6.11 : Offensive Interference
Ray files a court case against Joe which upsets Donna who is now one of the seven finalists in the Rose Court. For Homecoming week, Kelly and Claire help Steve make a decoy of CU's mascot Cornelius J. Condor for SCU to steal at Casa Wlahs, 953 Hillcrest Drive; J J Jones comes back make sure that Val fulfils her promise and acts as a prostitute, upsetting David...He forgives her so they make love for the first time; Sue and Colin decide on New York for Thanksgiving and Brandon closes up Dylan's house.

6.12 : Breast Side Up
Colin leaves for New York for Thanksgiving, as does Susan. Kelly and Brandon admit that they are still attracted to each other; Valerie is thanked by Sheila for helping to make David happy again.

6.13 : Courting
At 1610 Lighthouse Road, Erin falls into the bathtub and almost drowns until Colin practises CPR and saves her life to the relief of Kelly; Val tells Colin and Susan about Kelly sleeping at Brandon's over Thanksgiving making them upset; Brandon gets his first AP story with Joe's winning court case over Ray; Donna's friend Lisa Dion wins the Rose Court Competition; Steve, Claire and David also sit in at the court case and Rose Court Competition.

6.14 : Fortunate Son
Donna and Joe help out a black family that is on welfare; The Peach Pit After Dark holds a benefit for the Kid Kare Day Care; Brandon gambles and loses a fortune upsetting Susan...; Steve interns at his dad's work and is put in the position of firing an employee; Kelly and Valerie bid over a portrait painted by Colin at the benefit; David and Claire enjoy the benefit.

6.15 : Angels We Have Heard On High
It's Christmas time and after Brandon and Susan spend the night together, Cindy comes backhome with a possible divorce with Jim on her mind...until she decides to go back to Hong Kong to work it out; Kelly gets upset when Val tells her that Colin is doing cocaine again...; Claire helps Steve deliver gifts and later finds out that Rush is his natural father...; David joins the gang at the Walshes where Joe gives Donna an African Gray bird for her birthday / Christmas present...however, instead of the message saying 'Joe loves Donna' it reads 'Damn bird' instead.

6.16 : Turn Back The Clock
Susan's ex-boyfriend, Jonathan, shows up and talks to Brandon about his and Susan's special bond - which eventually leads to Brandon getting hurt. Steve looks after his two step-brothers, Ryan and Austin; Kelly finds out about Colin's dangerous habit...and suspects Valerie may be a part of it too.

6.17 : Fade In, Fade Out
Steve and Claire find out that Nat was an actor at the Roger Corman Film Festival and meets Joan Diamond, nat's ex-fiance; Kelly's dad wants to move to Beverly Glen but he leaves unexpectedly, and for a release, Kelly starts snorting Colin's cocaine; Joe goes to the doctor with a hurt ankle but finds out from Dr. Martin that his heart is bad...until a second opinion says he's fine; Brandon gets upset over Jonathan calling Sue, Valerie is upset over high Colin missing class and David gets jealous over Colin and Val.

6.18 : Snowbound
Kelly and Colin continue getting high and spend time buying the gang presents...Val picks up on it so David threatens Colin to leave Kelly out of it; Sue and Brandon argue over running a story on Joe's heart...Meanwhile, Donna gets worried as Joe excercises even harder than he used to; Claire gets a new car for making Dean's List, she later races Steve and a cop sends them to traffic school...They meet a producer there and get on a TV show called 'Backtalk'.

6.19 : Nancy's Choice
Susan is nominated for her article about her abortion experience which gives Brandon a bit of a shock...however she ends up winning the contest; Steve runs into the transvestite, Elle, who has now become interested in Claire's dad...; Colin lands an art sale for 10,000 dollars making Val very happy; Kelly and Colin continue with their cocaine habit with David later tring to help Kelly by giving advice about drugs...

6.20 : Flying
Claire and Donna have a garage sale with Val...Brandon, Steve, and Joe go bi- plane flying with Jonathan, where Joe ends up fainting; Claire finds Kelly's coke and kicks her out of the appartment so she moves into Colin's loft; Ginger is back demanding $50,000 from Val to keep quiet about the scam...Val refuses so Ginger makes a move on David instead; Brandon calls of Sue's date since he takes Kelly for a drive...until she steals his car; Instead, Sue has dinner at Sophia's with Jonathan.

6.21 : Bleeding Hearts
Donna organizes the 1996 Valentine's Day "Sex Out" pajama party at the Peach Pit where there is to be no sex for 24 hours; Joe wants to quit school after being replaced as quarterback; Steve pledges and Claire tempts him for sex; Sue pledges for Brandon then she punches out John for grabbing her to dance; Kelly and Colin fight over their coke so she goes to Danny's for more...where she is almost raped by his roommate...Brandon takes her to the hospital; Val sets up Ginger and Jonathan while telling the truth about the scam to David...David then breaks up with her for asking him to make love to Ginger and the scam.

6.22 : All This And Mary Too
Steve and Claire set up dates for the now single David with two girls - both blonde and both named Mary...and likes them; Kelly is in rehab and takes it upon herself to break up with Colin...While there, she meets Tara Marks from Colorado, her new roommate; Val and Colin start dating and kiss; After Sue sprains her leg off a jump in an out of bounds area in Mammoth, they are rescued in the middle of a freezing night; Donna gets a talking parrot for Kelly and finds a possible cure for Joe's condition and takes him to church.

6.23 : Leap Of Faith
Brandon goes to San Diego to visit Susan's parents; David still longs for Valerie - who thinks about sleeping with Colin. Colin, though is offered some coke by his dealer, and is later arrested.

6.24 : Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out
Kelly comes back to the appartment; Val pays the $10,000 to bail Colin out of jail; Claire and Sue take Steve and Brandon on a triple date with Nat and Joan in a limo; Donna is pleased that Joe's implanted pacemaker is working well; Medical student Greg McKeen asks out Kelly and she accepts; Tara runs away from the hospital so Donna and Kelly pick her up.

6.25 : Smashed
Val gets Colin to agree to the lawyers deal of having him serve a maximum of 6 months time in a minimum security facility; Steve throws a party at Casa Walsh and he takes Claire, whilst Brandon takes Sue; Rush gives Steve $200 to watch his half brothers Ryan and Austin but they end up stealing alcohol at the party...Ryan passes out and goes to ER; Tara moves in the beach apartment and breaks Kelly's necklace when she sees her kiss Greg; David and Donna work on a party video making Joe feel ignored.

6.26 : Flirting With Disaster
It's Spring Break so Brandon, Sue, Steve, Claire, Donna, and Joe go to camping at Lake Isabella...The boys meet Becky, Alice, and Margaret after getting a flat tire, which makes the girls jealous; David and Tara go bowling with Kelly...Kelly and Greg kiss causing Tara to send flowers to each of them with notes asking them to break up; Colin's blind dad, Graham, is in town and Val makes them forgive each other.

6.27 : Strike The Match
With exam finals approaching, Claire, Joe, Brandon, Steve, and Sue all decide to study together; Tara writes 'Die Val' on the Acura NSX making her scared...Colin blames David and a fight breaks out; Bernie gives Tara her stuff back along with a gun...Later, she gets the same haircut as Kelly making Kelly angry. David makes a video for Powerman 5000 with song 'Strike the Match' at both the After Dark and a warehouse...Donna dances for it in skimpy clothing of which Joe disapproves; Brandon gets an offer to work at the Boston Globe for the summer and then full time after graduation, but he turns it down to be with Sue; Steve accidentally ruins Claire's mom's shawl.

6.28 : The Big Hurt
After Sue tells Brandon that Tara is using the darkroom, Tara tries to kiss Brandon; Kelly finds out about the lie about her parents and is later taken hostage by her at gunpoint...Tara makes her drive to beach cliffs and when there, knocks Kelly out, ties her up, and sets up a carbon monoxide suicide until Kelly lies about her plan...when untied, Kelly grabs the gun and prevents Tara's suicide...they then both go to hospital to get checked up; Prince Carl visits Claire in his 1960 Corvette and gives Steve royal cufflinks; David and Donna finish the PM 5K video; Joe gives in to Donna's half naked outfit and MZA Video may be wanting a 3 video contract; Colin gets a 2 year sentence to state prison making Val upset.

6.29 : Ticket To Ride
It's finals week, and luck is in for Brandon and Sue...they buy a lotto ticket and win $5,000 - which they donate to charity; David, Donna and Joe attend a business party with MZA...while there, Joe meets fan Sophie Tyler form Warner Records; Claire gets a pearl necklace from Prince Carl; Val is upset when Colin doesn't show up to turn himself in...he goes to Kelly but she turns him away; Steve gets his jaw wired shut after slipping down the stairs; Prince Carl goes to Long Beach to plan Steve's 21st birthday bash.

6.30 : Ray Of Hope
Donna and David get a video deal with Ray Pruit...who is now engaged to Wendy Stevens; After Joe proposes, he and Donna break up since he's going to coach high school football at Beaver Falls High; Sue goes to Washington for a newspaper trip; Steve disposes of his neckbrace; Prince Carl takes Claire to dinner at the Eclipse; Kelly is still in summer school; Val and Nat are $100,000 in debt since Colin has now gone; Val, Brandon and Kelly try to get Colin at Palm Court Hotel Room 106, but they bust his dealer instead.

6.31/6.32 : You Say It's Your Birthday
Prince Carl books the Goo Goo Dolls for Steve's 21st birthday at Long Beach, on the Queen Mary; Andrea, based in New Haven, Connecticut, shows up with pictures of Hanna and Jesse; Nat and Joan come but Joan gets sick; Prince Carl tells Steve he's in love with Claire; Sue gets a job offer for Campaign 96 in Washington D.C. which upsets Brandon; David and Donna get in Billboard Magazine for MZA; Kelly finds out that Dylan is in London with Brenda, which makes her upset; Erik Budman becomes interested in both Donna and Kelly; David and Donna make 'Celluloid Salute to Steve', a video with Jim, Cindy, Ryan, Austin, Rush, Samantha, and Mrs. Tiesley; With Jonesy's help, Val finds out from FBI agent Richard Ballen that Colin is in San Pedro; Nat announces his marriage to Joan - and that she is pregnant.

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