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8.01/8.02 : Aloha Beverly Hills (Parts 1 & 2)
Donna goes to Hawaii to help out with a fashion shoot, and the gang decide to join her. There, Valerie meets up with Noah, and Steve's eye is caught by single mother, Carly. Meanwhile, Tracy shows up, Kelly arrives, and panic breaks out as Kelly gets shot.

8.03 : Forgive and Forget
Donna's father sets up an interview for her with a fashion designer; Valerie gets frustrated with Noah's hesitation to revealing his life history. Carly starts work at The Peach Pit, and also has a go at begin a basketball coach, and Kelly remains in bad condition in hospital.

8.04 : The Way We Weren't
With The After Dark struggling, Noah, Steve, Brandon and David go to look for fresh talent; Brandon becomes suspicious about Noah's involvment with Kelly; Val and Donna become business partners, and Carly still refuses to go out with Steve.

8.05 : Coming Home
Kelly's recovery reaches a point which allows her to move back into the beach house; Steve and Brandon work on getting the newspaper started, and decide on the services of Mindy...Donna's discovery makes Brandon and Steve consider running it as a story. Val meets Ron Hargrove, a young businessman, after finding out what Noah has been up to...

8.06 : The Right Thing
David's trouble with the PPAD continues, as his finance for the new band hits rocky ground; Kelly and Brandon have differing opinions on the identity of the shooter. Valerie sets her sights on Ron.

8.07 : Pride and Prejudice
Ron takes Valerie on a date, on a yacht; Steve tries desperately to get back in with Carly; Donna's clients are getting stolen - by Val, and Brandon and Kelly finally find out where the shooter is.

8.08 : Toil and Trouble
The gang all go to one of Kelly's charity events; Valerie makes her decision over her feelings for both Noah and Ron; Donna gets upset when David doesn't turn up at the charity event, and Brandon and Kelly rediscover their love for each other.

8.09 : Friends, Lovers, and Children
Valerie relives her feelings for Noah as he lands up in jail; Steve wonders whether he is getting in too deep with Carly; An article for the newspaper on teenage prostitution cause Brandon and Kelly to find Dylan's half sister, Erica, who is now out on the streets.

8.10 : Child of the Night
David's problems with finance continue as he gets deeper and deeper into debt. Noah and Donna realise that there is potentially something more between them than just friends; Carly and Steve struggle with an issue in their relationship. Brandon and Kelly find Erica and clash over how to deal with her situation.

8.11 : Deadline
Brandon and Kelly fall out over the issue of dealing with Erica; Kelly meets a charming doctor, Dr. Gary Monahan, at the clinic. Steve gets closer to Carly after showing his maturity and David gets angry over Noah and Donna's growing relationship.

8.12 : Friends in Deed
Valerie manages to convince Noah that she needs him back at the club; Kelly pursuades Brandon to hire a new journalist - Emma Bennett, who wants to starts off by trying to make a big impression with Brandon; Felice criticises Donna for going out with Noah; During a medical exam, Dr. Monahan makes a move towards Kelly...; Carly's mother decides to move to Arizona.

8.13 : Comic Relief
Kelly meets Emma for the first time, and likes her...but struggles to find out why her relationship with Brandon is a little strained at the moment. Donna and Noah try to figure out their relationship, whilst figuring out what to do about their ex-lovers. David gets kicked out of the beach appartment; Steve does a comedy act at the After Dark.

8.14 : Santa Knows
Brandon gives into Emma's advances and sleeps with her...; David and Valerie realises that they still have feelings for each other and kiss...; Donna and Noah fight over Noah's invitation for a stripper to perform at the Christmas Party.

8.15 : Ready or Not
Emma agrees to leave the newspaper, and leaves a present in Brandon's car. Kelly gets into a dilema with Dr. Monahan; David admits that he still has feelings for Donna; Val agrees for a bookie, Duke, to operate at the After Dark; Carly moves in with Donna, and, with Zach's help, Donna gets a job.

8.16 : Illegal Tender
Valerie allows a bookie to operate within the club, and uses some of the profit gained to buy David a keyboard which allows him to perform at the After Dark; Noah finds out and gets angry at Valerie, who is later arrested. Kelly suspects that Emma is having an affair with Steve and decides to write a coloum about cheating men; When Kelly confronts Emma about Steve, she finds out the truth about Brandon and Emma's night together...

8.17 : The Elephant's Father
Brandon tries to get back with Kelly, but fails, and then tries after getting drunk with Steve and Noah and fails again; Valerie starts her sentence for bookmaking - at the community centre with Kelly; Carly leaves town to see her sick father; David manages to sell a song to the band that he is working with.

8.18 : Rebound
Brandon comes across one of Steve's friends, Kristi, who is getting cold feet over her impending marriage; she and Brandon later bond over their broken relationships. Meanwhile, Kelly's relationship with Jeff continues to grow, and Valerie tries to make Brandon jealous of it; One of the band members David is working with, Mark, crashes his car after getting drunk at the After Dark and sues Noah.

8.19 : Crimes and Misdemeanors
David consoles Donna when her grandmother dies, which makes Noah jealous; Later at the After Dark, David admits to Valerie that the love song he wrote is actually about Donna...Meanwhile, Kelly asks Brandon to write a story about an ex-convict who was a friend of her fathers, and Brandon questions her as to why he should considering that she won't give him a second chance.

8.20 : Cupid's Arrow
Noah and Valerie get angry at David and Donna for spending too much time with each other and for not showing up at the Valentine's Day Party at the After Dark, although they have problems of their own - in the form of a car accident; Jeff attempts to get Kelly back by preparing a sleep-over date for Valentine's Day; Noah's brother, Josh arrives in Beverly Hills, and slips Valerie a date-rape drug at the party...

8.21 : The Girl Who Cried Wolf
Josh offers to help out Noah as Valerie files a civil suit against him for alleged rape, but he tells Josh that he can clear himself legitimately. Noah admits to Donna about sleeping with Valerie, which fuels her dependence on drugs. Brandon and Steve witness a cop beating a suspect when they tag along with the police for a newspaper article.

8.22 : Law & Disorder
Valerie's civil law suit goes to court and all of her friends are called to testify about the events of the night that her alleged rape occured - Steve and Brandon are undecided as to who is telling the truth...In the end, she wins a $10,000,000 sum; Donna goes to Josh's appartment looking for more drugs to feed her addiction, and stumbles across evidence that Noah is innocent. She also steals her employees sketches to use in her presentation. David gets a deal with Q5 records and a Porsche. Brandon and Kelly decide they aren't ready to live together yet.

8.23 : Making Amends
Kelly finds an abandoned baby at the clinic, and talks to the mother, Leanne, who says she doesn't want anything to do with the child; Donna keeps trying to get over her drug problem; Valerie and David have intimacy problems as she tries to put the rape incident to rest; Steve accidentally receives letters from a woman, Jill (who are for another man), and falls in love with her...when he goes to meet her in person, he claims to be someone he isn't...

8.24 : The Nature of Nurture
Kelly and Brandon fight over whether Brandon should have a say over Kelly's feelings towards adopting Leanne's baby...; Attepts to do so fail, as a gay male couple get custody of the baby; This leads Kelly into considering if this is good for the baby, and Leanne into wanting her baby back. Financial trouble hits The Beverly Beat, and Steve and Brandon argue over the issue of cigarette advertising in the paper; Steve finally gives in with his act, and admits to Jill to not being the person who she thought he was; David gets an old, music talented neighbour; Noah helps out with Donna's unemployment.

8.25 : Aunt Bea's Pickles
Bill Taylor and Abby Malone announce their plans to marry - but he eventually backs out...Noah buys all of Donna's dresses behind her back; Valerie gets thrown a surprise party by her mum, which upsets her, but David eventually manages to get her the perfect birthday present - she tells David that she was sexually abused by her father; Steve goes out on a date with Jill, and gives her Ted's address after...when she then goes on a date with Ted, she realises that it is Steve that she is interested in after all; Brandon gets a job at a top LA newspaper, but finds out that he was fired only due to the fact that the other workers are on strike.

8.26 : All That Glitters
Noah asks Donna to move in with him, and tries to pursuade her by getting her some turns out to be fake, which upsets Donna who confronts Noah; He tells her that although they were fake, they were of value to his grandfather; Kelly helps a retarded boy get a job; Journalist Peter arrives at Beverly Hills to work with Brandon on an LA football story...Brandon gets caught up with Peter's hype and questions his work at the paper; Valerie helps David get a music job with a deodorent commercial; Steve decides to call things off with Jill, as making love 4 times in 12 hours turns out to be too much for him...he ends up connecting with his secretary...

8.27 : Reunion
Andrea comes back to Beverly Hills for the High School reunion, and announces that she is divorcing Jesse and dropped out of medical school...Brandon is critical of her at first, but comes to understand her decision. Valerie tags along, and puts across her 'good girl' image but lies about helping the poor; Steve goes with Janet, but ends up chasing another girl...she eventually plays a prank on him for not treating her right by getting him naked at the reunion; David is ashamed of going because of his role as a 'jingle writer'; Noah is named one of the most eligable bachelors in Beverly Hills by a local magazine called Metro LA, which makes Donna jealous.

8.28 : Skin Deep
Brandon writes an aritcle on Guilty Pleasures, a sex shop in Beverly Hills...he and Kelly argue over it, and the issue of pornography; Donna becomes friends with Monica at the SBG Modeling Agency, and she tells her to stop abusing herself and cutting her arm; Noah hosts Muntz's bachelor party at the After Dark with a stripper; Valerie and David buy toys for each other and eventually make love outside; Steve reconsiders his involvement with Janet after he finds out she wants to get more intimate with him; Kelly gets upset over her mum's desire for a face lift and with Erin's dieting obsession.

8.29 : Ricochet
Valerie is asked to donate bone marrow to a patient but she refuses because he has previously molested his daughters; Brandon and Kelly have an argument and Brandon ends up proposing to Kelly to which she accepts...but afterwards, they both start to have second thoughts...; David gets robbed of $300 at an ATM and buys a gun for safety...but while drunk, he shoots a friend of Noah's, Gwyneth...she kisses Noah, to Donna's dismay; Steve refuses to employ a woman at the Beat, Sarah Edmonds from Empire Magazine, because they want to go out with each other.

8.30 : The Fundamental Things
Kelly and Brandon plan their wedding - $50 per person...They help reunite a Serbian refugee, Alex, who delivered a baby in his cab, with his long lost wife Katia; David and Val break up; Val has unprotected sex with Johnny, a photographer and drug user...She gets worried over the risk that she might have contracted HIV...; After golf, Steve makes love to Sarah and finds out she's married - to Matt Colsin; With the help of Valerie, Gwynneth tries to split Donna and Noah by ruining Donna's fashion show with wine stains, but Noah finds out about it and tosses her out; David gets upset over his $2000 check bouncing for his Jingle, from Gil Gessler.

8.31 : The Wedding (Part 1)
Brandon hires Wallenfel's of its employee's, Jacob, saves Donna's life from a truck accisent, so she pays him back by dating him in order to make his girlfriend Phylis jealous, which Noah disapproves of; David starts a wedding video...Jackie and Bill Taylor arrive, and Brenda and Dylan give notice that they can't attend; Brandon and Kelly disapprove of each others vows; After marriage counseling, Sarah tells Steve she will give Matt another chance; Val finds out Johnny is HIV positive...David wants Val to get tested for the virus; Noah has a problem with marriage, and disagrees with the practice, which makes Donna upset; Val starts bleeding after a fall on the roof of Loose Lizards with Noah; David tries to fight Noah after he brings Val's purse home.

8.32 : The Wedding (Part 2)
Jacob wants Donna, making Noah jealous, but she denies him; Steve buys a gold bracelet for Sarah but she goes to New York with her husband, Matt Coleson...She later returns and wants Steve back; David continues his wedding video but is upset at Johnny for being HIV positive; Muntz, Julie, Nat, Joan, Mel, Jim, Cindy, Jackie, Bill and Erin all go to the wedding; Val's HIV results are in so she goes to 14920 Medical Center with David...; Kelly and Brandon get the jitters and call off the wedding at the Church of Glen, but still hold a party in memory of the occasion.

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