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9.01 : The Morning After
This episode starts, unsurprisingly, on the morning after the wedding-that-never-happened; Donna gets Kelly's old wedding dress displayed at Redmond's; Duncan Sheik plays at the Peach Pit After Dark; Kelly still wants to go to Corsica with Brandon as a non-marriage honeymoon but Brandon decides to break up with Kelly; Steve meets Sophie Burns in his new corvette...She is a biology major at California University and wants to go into show biz...the problem for Steve is that she takes an interest in David...; Noah finds out that his family is broke; Val is relieved as she is told that she is HIV negative and tells the truth bitchilly, which results in her telling David that she killed her father; David is fired from Kyle Scott and decides that he wants to work on movie scores.

9.02 : Budget Cuts
The Wyatt Clinic gets budget cuts so Kelly, Noah, Donna and David hold an auction called the 'Wyatt Clinic Fundraiser'. Brandon gets a date with Kelly for 1000 dollars after she wears the wedding dress and with competition from John Wakefield from the LA Chronicle; Abby and fiance, Carl Schmidt, arrive in town...Val learns that Abby knew of the molesting; Noah cries after seeing his dad lying dead after suicide; Sophie steals 5000 dollars in loans and breaks into the Belage Hotel with David for where they go skinny dipping; Steve still thinks that Sophie likes him...; David gets a job offer with Rick Miller at KVIB.

9.03 : Dealer's Choice
Sophie buys a 1965 Mustang Convertible and wants to get in with Steve; Noah shoots his dad's gun scaring Donna...He later decides to sell the boat and shows Donna his dad's suicide note; At her parents 25th Anniversary party, Donna gets upset over a drunken Noah and with Carrie Knox taking credit for her sketches and geting hired; Kelly finds out about Val having sex with Carl in Las Vegas where Abby is marrying him - While in Las Vegas, Kelly meets Henry at the craps table; Brandon writes the obituary for Daniel Hunter and gets a job offer at the New York Chronicle; Steve gets upset over seeing David and Sophie together...after David works on KVIB at the After Dark, he lies about sleeping with Sophie to Steve.

9.04 : Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Valerie rejects Carl who in turn leaves Abby...the aftermath forces Val to admit her relationship with Carl and that she killed her father, the latter of which makes Abby consider turning her daughter into the police; Kelly and Donna decide to set up a clothes shop at the beach...there, they meet a lawyer, Matt Durning who is trying to help Noah as well as Lenny, a wife-beater Kelly encountered last season, who is trying to get shared custody of his child; Noah spirals out of control after his father's memorial service - he turns to Valerie for help over Donna, but is later arrested for drunk driving; Sophie goes out with Steve, but her exploits with David are found out as Steve catches them making love at The Beverly Beat.

9.05 : Brandon Leaves
Brandon takes a job with The New York Chronicle in Washington D.C...the gang holds a farewell party for his departure; Val turns to Matt for advice about being turned in by her mother; Abby decides to forget but not forgive which leads Val to feel even more alone and guilty; Kelly opens the new clothes store with Donna as well as helping Leah with her custody battle with Lenny; Noah still grieves over his dad and tries to reconcile with Donna; David's attempt to help Sophie fails...she ends up spending money she doesn't have to promote herself and almost gets into porn; David and Steve apologize to each other and make up.

9.06 : Confession
Valerie hosts an illegal rave and almost turns herself in but Abby decides to forgive her; Val and Noah play chicken in the NSX...Donna gets worried over Noah's hangover which is further confirmed when Noah drinks at his first AA meeting; Janet and Steve get locked in a broken refrigerator while working on a tabloid haunted house story...They make love for the first time; Matt helps Kelly to get Leah out of town; After a nude photo shoot, Sophie gets swept off her feet by a rich young hunk, Tom Savin (guest star - Carlos Ponce) which upsets David.

9.07 : You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello
Dylan returns to Beverly Hills on Thanksgiving; Valerie leaves for her hometown of Buffalo with her mother and doesn't get to see Dylan - before departing, she holds a tense Thanksgiving Party with the gang and later, David sees her off at the airport...; Donna's cousin, ice skater Gina Kincaid arrives in town with the visiting Ice Follies, and ends up kissing Noah; A drunken Noah hits a dumpster denting his jeep; David has sex with 17 year old Denise which leads to probable statutory rape; Steve and Janet continue with their blossoming relationship; Kelly kisses Matt.

9.08 : Life Support
David's situation worsens as he gets arrested and charged with the statutory rape of Denise...Dylan steps in to help out and consults with Mrs. Teasley and student Denise which ends with the charges being dropped; Steve finds out about his adoptive mum's seual background; Janet struggles for more tabloid stories; Kelly has to decide on her grandpa's situation which his life hangs on the balance on life support; Gina tries to break up Donna and Noah but with no success; Matt goes broke.

9.09 : The Following Options
Kelly gets her grandpa to move to the beach apartment after she decides that she wants him to stay alive; Dylan sells his 1956 Porche Roadster (the same car that his late wife Toni died in) - Gina later becomes very interested in him; Sonia and her gang rip Donna's dress; David interviews Samantha Sanders and Steve gets upset when his mom is fired for being a lesbian; Noah tries to help Dylan with his nightmares; Janet works on more tabloid articles; Dylan kisses Kelly; Kelly is angry with Matt for smoking and taking some legal work for a tobacco company.

9.10 : Marathon Man
The PPAD is hosting a dance marathon to raise money for charity...Steve accidentally pledges more money than he can afford and consequently tries to derail anyone from winning it; Noah enlists Gina's help in planning a surprise birthday party for Donna - who then deliberately screws up the party, and all her jealousy towards Donna and her family spills out; Dylan tries to get Kelly to loosen up, so he whisks her off to Mexico for a day.

9.11 : How to be a Jerk Women Love
Dylan continues to become more involved with Gina...At the same time, Dylan's attitude gets more erratic and dangerous as he falls further under the influence of heroin - he reaches breaking point when he discovers that his ex-wife's grave has been secretly moved and her body's whereabouts are unknown...This prompts him to purchase a gun to kill the man who he believes is responsible for the move; Steve decides to offer a seminar on how to master the art of the pickup but is forced to return the money he makes on the scheme; Matt and Kelly's relationship continues to progress, but memories of Dylan and feelings for Brandon get in the way...eventually, Kelly comes to terms with her feelings and decides to become intimate with Matt; Gina manipulates Donna's mother into taking her, instead of Donna, to a luncheon where JFK Jr. is speaking.

9.12 : Trials and Tribulations
Dylan continues his search for mobster Tony Marchette, while his drug use increases...things take a turn for the worse when the police arrest Dylan for illegal gun possession and also find his stash of heroin - following his arrest, Dylan promises to quit the drugs, but quickly falls back to old habits; Kelly and Matt's relationship continues to intensify - at the same time, Kelly's relationship with Gina is becoming more strained because Gina is spending more time with Dylan; Steve is sued by all of the students of his seminar and is taken to court on a 'People's Court'-type show...Steve is found guilty on the program, but he avoids having to return the money because the show pays his legal bill; Donna's parents are out of town, so she and Noah decide to use the house to host Matt's birthday party there.

9.13 : Withdrawl
Dylan is confronted by his friends about his drug use and reckless behavior - he shows genuine remorse and agrees to quit using heroin...In an attempt to quit 'cold turkey', he runs off to be by himself...By the time his friends find him, Dylan is in terrible shape and is taken to the hospital where he falls into a short-lived coma; Steve gets into trouble when he loses track of Janet's pure-bred dog, which happens to be in heat...By the time the dog is found, it has been impregnated by a mutt, which gets Steve in even more trouble with Janet; Kelly's feud with Donna's cousin, Gina, intensifies.

9.14 : I'm Married
Matt is found out to have a wife, Lauren, who has been in an institution for the past few years...Recently, her condition has miraculously improved and she has re-entered Matt's life - he is thrilled to see her, but a slight complication has come about by him becoming involved with Kelly; These events occur unbeknownst to anyone else until Gina sees Matt with Lauren and assumes he is cheating; Dylan is working hard at his recovery and is doing community service at a demolition site as part of his plea bargain...Here Dylan meets Ramon, who is also doing community service - he impresses Dylan and together they support each other against their tyrannical boss.

9.15 : Beheading St. Valentine
On the eve of Valentine's Day, Matt decides to have Lauren move in with him at the Walsh house...At the same time, his relationship with Kelly is becoming even more distant; Donna discovers some pictures of Noah and Gina kissing...Noah tries to explain that he was drunk and doesn't remember anything, but Donna becomes angry and walks out on him; Dylan and Gina start spending time together in places where they could get caught as Dylan tries to replace the rush of heroin by adding danger to his life; Steve, after bragging about his perfect tan, notices a strange mole on his back and is afraid it may be skin cancer.

9.16 : Survival Skills
Gina is angered at Dylan's activities as she feels that Dylan is paying too much attention to Kelly; Kelly meanwhile is having trouble coping with the fact that she has lost Matt to Lauren; Consequently Dylan and Kelly spend time together as the two of them go on a hike together; Steve and Janet are the 'big brother' and 'big sister' for two kids who they take camping; Matt introduces Lauren to the group as they continue to rebuild their life together, however they are confronted with some terrible news concerning Lauren...; Donna continues to refuse to forgive Noah and is spending more time with David; By the episodes end, David admits to Donna that he wants to be more than just friends and Donna tries to absorb what is just said.

9.17 : Slipping Away
David continues to pursue a relationship with Donna, but Donna is hesitant...The two of them agree to go out on a date, but Donna cannot take her mind off Noah - the situation is further complicated when Noah discovers that Donna and David had kissed while Noah was still Donna's boyfriend...; Lauren's condition worsens and she decides that she would rather die than return to her schizophrenic state...However, because the drug is killing her, Lauren's doctor refuses to continue her prescription - in order to remain on the medication, Dylan and Kelly agree to go across the border to Mexico in an attempt to obtain Lauren's drugs.

9.18 : Bobbi Dearest
Gina decides to sue Donna's mother, Felice, for mismanagement of her trust fund...although it isn't really her fault, Felice agrees to replace the fund out of the goodness of her heart; Donna and Noah reconcile and begin to rebuild their relationship; Kelly and Dylan are forced to deal with the fact that they slept together while in Mexico... Meanwhile, Dylan's sister Erica shows up with her new boyfriend - while they are staying at his home, he discovers that Erica's boyfriend is a white supremecist; David decides to use his radio show to find the perfect woman; Steve comes into possession of a "little black book" of a Hollywood Madame and proceeds to use the names to uncover the dirty secrets of the stars.

9.19 : The Leprechaun
Kelly, unhappy with her role as partner with Donna in the clothing store, hires a publicist to help the store...Donna disagrees with this and the two argue; David continues to pursue a relationship with Claudia who works at the After Dark until he finds out that she will lose her visa unless she gets married or finds a better job; Kelly and Matt continue to reestablish their relationship, but Matt is conflicted by the thought of signing a pre-nuptial agreement; A prank that Steve uses to promote the paper using a Leprechaun backfires and he and Janet deal with a distraught man who needs money for his son's surgery...Steve and Janet then rally the resources of the paper to generate donations; Dylan decides to take his life more seriously and commit himself to making his relationship with Gina work.

9.20 : Fortune Cookie
David and Claudia decide to go ahead with their plans for a fake wedding in order to keep Claudia from having to leave the country; Donna is forced to confront the possibility that one of her favorite teachers in high school is molesting kids at the school; Dylan arranges for Kelly to win a contest in which she gets to meet her childhood rock and roll idol, Cole Younger; Kelly in turn convinces Matt to do a commercial in an attempt to generate clients...In the process, Kelly attempts to change Matt's appearance - this leads him to think that Kelly is not satisfied with him the way he is.

9.21 : I Wanna Reach Right Out & Grab Ya
Steve and Janet help a young 11 year old genius named Peter to delay college; Noah gets Donna's parents to reconsider their separation, although she wonders if this has come about from her father having an affair; Gina looks after her friend, Oksana Baiul's house and is later critised for the job she did; At magic night at the After Dark, Kelly gets hypnotised and admits to wanting to be with Dylan on a desert island making Matt upset; David gets legendary DJ Sonny Sharp back on the air waves at the After Dark; Gina is almost knifed by a serial rapist who had helped her change a flat tyre.

9.22 : Local Hero
David goes out with a sex addict called Addie who is gutted when she finds out he won't sleep with her although he comes round eventually and agrees to have a normal relationship with her; Donna helps Noah meet his half sister, Cindy; Matt tries to help Gina get a job as a skating reporter but fails; Steve takes credit for Dylan's heroic efforts in punching out a thief; Dylan and Kelly reveal the truth to Matt and Fina and agree to break up their respective relationships.

9.23 : The End Of The World As We Know It
Kelly and Matt are caught on camera whilst babysitting Erin with the subsequant tape falling into the hands of Dylan and Gina - Dylan's jealous reaction leads Gina into finding out what happened between Dylan and Kelly in Mexico...Gina then forces Dylan to tell Matt what happened on that trip, but the result is that Kelly and Matt stay together and Dylan and Gina split up; Matt tries to sue some petroleum companies over cancer claims; David's relationship with Addie continues.

9.24 : Dog's Best Friend
Dylan has a one night stand with a woman whilst on a trip with David to prove that he's over Kelly; Donna becomes torn between two people - male model Wayne and Noah who is putting pressure on Donna to move in together; Steve and Janet work on a computer program, 'The Love Fisher' which supposedly finds a persons perfect match...they both try it - Janet's match turns out to be already in a relationship and Steve's turns out to be quite a temptation; After parking her car, Kelly goes to see Dylan...on the way, an attacker grabs her, pushes her into an alleyway and rapes her...

9.25 : Agony
Kelly confides in Dylan and Donna only about having been raped - she keeps some distance from Matt which causes him to suspect that she and Dylan have something going on...; Matt meanwhile defends a suspected stereo thief who had his rights violated by the cops...that person, unknown to all, is the man who raped Kelly; Donna's choice between Wayne and Noah comes to a head...; Steve tries to bring out the artist in him with his photography after finding out that Janet's ex was an artist; David decided to go for Gina, although the stress causes her to become even more unhappy about her skating.

9.26 : That's The Guy
David becomes furious after he sees a newly reignited Dylan and Gina making love, after she had come clean to David about her Bulimia; Steve throws a party with Collective show as the band to celebrate the success of The Beat; Donna has a one-night stand with Wayne, although he shocks her by revealing that he's leaving town...Noah then tries to rebuild his relationship with Donna, but Wayne turns up again, once again putting Donna in between the two...; Kelly finally tells Matt about being raped and decides to spend time with her sister, feeling the need to carry pepper spray, mace and a gun...Matt and Dylan meanwhile work together to try to find the culprit and offer reward money to help, but initially the leads turn out to be scams...finally though, Kelly comes face-to-face with her attacker, takes out her gun and shoots...

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